Things only last minute quilters and sewists know

I am not naming names but some of us are last minute stitchers. We do not start our Christmas quilts in the summer when we could easily get it done, where is the sport in that? Quilt contest coming up? Why finish up early and then fret? Post your pictures last minute and then you can blame your rejection on that. Yes, there are many things only last minute quilters and sewists know.

1. Thread is a vindictive frenemy. If you have lots of time, it behaves. Hurrying to finish? Snarls, breaks and spools running out will be the norm.threads

2. Coffee will not really keep you up. Nope, you will still be sleepy while you are sewing. Then, once you call it a night, you’ll be wired.

3. Cinderella lied. No singing birds or chirping birds will come to your assistance. If you do hear anything crawling around, ignore. It’s probably the wind. Probably.

4. Hand sewing is over rated. Sew that sucker on the machine, I don’t care what it is. It has to get done.pintrest_7

5. Internet regret will kick in at some point. Remember those never ending Pinterest sessions? The fun of planning a vacation you’ll never go on? Those carts you filled but never bought? Yeah, well you could have finished this project way earlier if you hadn’t wasted all that time. Yeah, wasted.

6. You don’t actually work better on a tight deadline. You just keep working. And sewing. And quilting. Had you put this many hours in divided by the days you procrastinated, you could have been done and watching TV now.

7. Watching TV is the work of the devil. Who would drop the whole second season of Kimmy Schmidt right before you were going to finish all your sewing? Satan, that’s who.unbreakable-kimmy

8. Pins and needles hurt. A lot. You will stab yourself at least once in a late night marathon sewing session. Keep band-aids in the sewing studio.

9. Snacks taste good when you are sleep deprived. Really good and if they have lots of sugar, you rationalize that it will give you energy. It won’t but your triglycerides numbers will reach new highs. That’s when eater’s remorse will kick in.

10. Done is good. In fact it’s great and euphoria sets in. This guarantees you will do this again. Even if you swear you won’t.

All this month, you are going to do a reasonable amount of sewing each day. Uh huh, right. Right after you binge watch a new series on Netflix, start too many new projects and read something really fun.

And you know what I say to all of you last minute quilters and sewists?

I love you, you’re my people!


Sew happy

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