New African Jungle quilt - part one

I am quilting the Nala and Simba quilt which means I have to have another quilt to play with. I like to always have 3 – one on the Longarm,, one on the design board and one in my head. Right now my head is full of African quilts and fabrics. I even bought the fabrics for the Cherrywood Lion King challenge. See, I’ve got it bad!

Jungle quilt 1 reI was inspired to make a new African jungle quilt by a book and a picture. I got “My Jungle Book” a couple of years ago which comes with its own little story book. I like some of the animal blocks quite a bit but I wanted to be more creative. jungle quilt 2 re

That led me to the picture. I was poking around on Google images and Pinterest and found this African Jungle quilt. I loved it but there was no website, it was just click bait for an ad.  I loved it with the exception of the two side borders which might be other quilts on the side?

If anyone knows who designed this quilt, please let me know so I can give them credit. I am very inspired by the composition. I like the idea of a background fabric and the uneven blocks with animals etc.

I gathered up the extras from the Nala quilt and went through my stash. I had some other animal print fabrics and a bunch of light African map fabric.

jungle quilt 4 re

I threw it up on the design wall and looked at what to do with what. I did a little bit of cutting but not too much. Then I picked the animals I liked from the Jungle Quilt book and xeroxed the pattern pages.jungle quilt 3 re

I didn’t want to have lots of detail, I wanted them to represent the animal rather than be the animal. I tried to only use one fabric per animal and combine the different pieces. It looks like the lion and the elephant will need two fabrics.

jungle quilt 5 re

I spread the African map fabric out as a background fabric. I might use it or I might add some others. Right now I am just playing around as I make the 5 animals.

So far I have the giraffe, the zebra and the tiger made. The easy ones, you’ll notice, with only one fabric. Ha!

When I was at Hancock’s of Paducah I bought 3 yards of black fabric. I may frame some of the blocks or sections in black. I will just see where these animals take me.

As long as I don’t end up in an actual jungle, I’m good!

Sew happy!

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