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Some favorite quilts from Quilt Week in Paducah 2016

I adore this depiction of weather. It is called Approaching storm and was created by Leah Gravells.
The very first thing I did at Quilt Week was to look at all the quilts. I know the shopping is super fun but the quilts are why we all come, yes? I snapped pictures and drank them all in. They really recharged my professional batteries and inspired me. I wanted to share with you... Read more »

The Road Less Traveled in my life

It is blogapalooza time again and here is tonight’s challenge: “Write about a time you followed the road less traveled and it made all the difference.” In many ways, I think many of my life’s decisions and have been the road less traveled. I was a nerd in High School, I studied and didn’t party... Read more »

New African Jungle quilt - part one

I am quilting the Nala and Simba quilt which means I have to have another quilt to play with. I like to always have 3 – one on the Longarm,, one on the design board and one in my head. Right now my head is full of African quilts and fabrics. I even bought the... Read more »

People and Shopping at Quilt Week Paducah 2016

I think I mentioned a couple of thousand times that I was going to Quilt week, for the very first time. I love everything about quilt shows and obviously the quilts are the main reason to go. And I will publish a post of some of the magnificent quilts I saw. But first I want... Read more »

How long should a sewing machine last?

Over my lifetime I have personally owned four every day sewing machines, that’s a span of 40 years. Each time I bought a machine, I thought it would last me forever. Recently someone asked me when I was going to replace my current sewing machine. I was shocked and stammered out NEVER! I thought I... Read more »

I've found your new purse - R.Riveter bags are gorgeous and support Military Spouses

Sewing adds so many valuable aspects to the world. It is a way to be creative and also practical. People who sew can express themselves as well as help themselves. All of these characteristics combine in one ingenious company.  I just recently bought one of their products and wish everyone would. R. Riveter bags are... Read more »

Things only last minute quilters and sewists know

I am not naming names but some of us are last minute stitchers. We do not start our Christmas quilts in the summer when we could easily get it done, where is the sport in that? Quilt contest coming up? Why finish up early and then fret? Post your pictures last minute and then you... Read more »

12 Reliable Facts about seam rippers

I think everyone knows what a seam ripper is as it’s part of every basic sewing kit. I can remember buying a plastic one in 8th grade which I had for a very long time. Its presence in my sewing kit was replaced by way fancier and better versions. As I have added good looking... Read more »

Drunkard's Path Quilts at International Quilt Festival 2016 in Chicago

I was excited when I saw the sign!
I have mentioned various times that I love my Modern Quilters’ Guild, they are terrific human beings and very talented quilters. They inspire and challenge me. 8 quilts from our guild were accepted into the exhibit for Drunkard’s Path quilts at the International Quilt Festival 2016 in Chicago. I hope you are ready for one... Read more »

7 ways to pick out a Quilter who sewed one on last night

Recently there was an ad on Facebook for a t-shirt which made me laugh.  It had a person and the phrase “I quilt past my bedtime.” I thought about buying it but I had second thought.  I realized there were many ways to tell that I was sewing until the wee hours of the morning... Read more »
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