Let's talk about women's underwear fabrics

I love talking about fabrics, all kinds of fabrics so today, let’s talk about women’s underwear fabrics. No, I am not kidding, I think it’s fascinating.

I found a fabulous website when I was poking around online. This article has every single bit of information you would ever want about women’s undergarments. Again, I am not kidding.

history of underwearI am going to give you a synopsis. Underwear in the years before 1800 were basically corsets, petticoats and other sets of clothing in cotton or linen. Yeah, linen sounds pretty uncomfortable to me also. And all those clothes!

First, undergarments became made of lighter fabrics. Phew, cotton lawn and silk were popular. Women often wore pantaloons in a flesh color which is why it sometimes looked like they weren’t wearing any at all.

Pantalettes, then knickerbockers and finally knickers followed. Queen Victoria was quite the fan of undergarments so everyone wore them and even embellished them. And flannel joined the group of fabrics.300px-Panties_styles_-_en.svg

After that the fabrics remained more constant than the designs. All kinds of one piece combinations were developed until the 1920’s. Remember those flappers?

Clothing became less encumbering and so did underwear. Cotton added silk, rayon and finally nylon to the underwear fabrics. And they kept getting smaller.

Nylon could be made in all kinds of bright colors and lace. But it did not allow for much breathing. Cotton was added to gussets.

By 1980, cotton was back in style because it breathed. Then polyester. Today we have all kinds of choices in size and fabric.

55034ffca2e4b45ac5a10c1c548f0fb6I don’t know about you but when I was younger, I wore Carters spanky pants. All cotton and Rosemary Mathews approved.

I went through lots of different undergarment stages in my life. The most painful was a brief fling with the binding polyster of spanx. Just a girdle in my opinion.

Recently,  I found a life altering kind of undergarment. They are made of polyester and made for Mama Warriors. In other words, womenunder re 2 who need a bit more protection in the gusset.

I have to tell you, this is the most exciting event in my underwear life since I got my first bra in 5th grade. These panties are so liberating. I don’t need to wear anything else with them.

I ordered one pair and wore them several times. I laundered them each time and waited for something to go wrong. If you buy one pair and don’t like them, you can get your money back.

under re 1The panties are from Icon and are fabulous in every way but one. They are super expensive. But, for me, worth it. I bought 10 or as they call it, a tinkle set. I got 8 black and 2 beige because I love them.

And I am not that big of a fan of polyester. The way they use it in the gusset is unbelievable. No moisture, odor or embarrassment.

I am getting nothing for this post, I paid for all of mine. I just love them and had to share in case you might like more comfort and confidence also.

Sew happy!


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I liked these new undergarments so much, I was feeling this confident.

I have also written about socks. I know, it’s kindof weird.

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