Are you cheap about anything in sewing? Because I am

When I learned how to sew my mother was thrilled because she viewed it as a way to save money. Back when clothing was more expensive and fabrics were cheaper, you did save money by sewing your own clothes.  She was very happy to buy me thread, hem tape and patterns because overall, we came out ahead financially.

Now I quilt and it is not a cheap hobby. At least, it is not for me. I have a gorgeous sewing studio filled with thread, fabric and equipment.

I treat myself when we are on vacation and visit a quilt store. I go to fabulous quilt shows in terrific areas of the country. I attend magnificent quilt workshops in gorgeous locales. All of this costs a pretty penny.

But I have a confession to make. Sometimes I am crazy frugal about certain aspects of quilting. Are you cheap about anything in sewing?

thread re 2First of all thread. I have a drawer full of gorgeous spools of thread. Look at that array of colors.

But it makes me crazy that they recommend you cut the thread and pull it out from belowcheap re 1 with a Bernina machine. I have heard it from every Bernina salesperson and I just don’t want to do it. I don’t want to waste that bit of thread.

Today, this is what I cut and pulled from the bottom. Before I threw it away, I snapped a picture of it. It probably doesn’t even cost a penny.

But I want to pull it up back towards the spool. I want to wrap it around the spool and use that little bit next time I sew. I did it that way all my life until I bought a Bernina.

It doesn’t make sense. Spending thousands on the machine didn’t bother me at all. But by golly, I resent losing that bit of thread. I’m cheap!

cheap re 2

Here’s another one. This is a package of needles for my Gammill. I bought that machine as a retirement gift to myself.

It cost my entire retirement bonus and a bit more. It’s a very expensive machine and I have some pricey gadgets to use with it. I have a 50.00 gadget just to measure the tension in my bobbin thread.

But I am so cheap about the needles. They tell you to change after every project. But I hate to change a needle that isn’t broken.

If a needle breaks on either machine, I am happy to replace it. But it kills me to replace one just because I am supposed to. cheap re 3

I wish they changed colors or something, then I would be happier to change them out. I know, I am crazy.

One more example. Do you see those drawers of batting? Those are scraps from completed projects.

I save all those bits for the future. I might need to suddenly make 2700 bibs. Or stuff some animals that I no longer make.

I do throw bits of batting away when I wrap it around a broken needle. Ha! I hope that it keeps anyone from accidentally pricking themselves with a needle in the trash.

I am pretty sure that the drawer unit cost more than I have saved from hanging on to batting scraps. And yes, I have used the tape and made a new piece of batting. But usually I wait for a table runner or something else small.

It’s funny how in life we can be extravagant in one way and beyond frugal in another. I used to belong to a health club near where I taught. The monthly dues were high and I rarely got my money’s  worth.

But when I did go, I would take extra plastic bags they provided for swimsuits. They were the perfect size to line my garbage cans!

I might waste a bunch of money on a gym but hey, I saved several dimes on garbage can liners!

Sew happy!

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