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I not only love quilting and sewing but I devour reading material on the two as well. I find great things to read all over the web and I share them on my Facebook page. But sometimes there are too many to share. Therefore I want to write about some cool quilt articles and posts in the news today. Plus,  I am working on my flannel quilt so it’s a great time to write about what is going on in the quilting and sewing world.

paws machine1. The new Bernina 350 SE Best Friends is a sewing machine with the cutest paws on it. I saw someone post about it and then I got an email describing the machine and the whole launch as well. Not only is it a pretty cute machine with cool features but Bernina is also pledging money from its sales to help save pets from euthanasia. There is a drive to collect kennel quilts and a contest to win one as well. Quite a nifty collection of great things.

Normally I would not post about a merely cute machine. But this time all that is tied in with it really appealed to me. I am not a pet owner myself because of my children’s allergies but I am happy to do my part.  Read about the machine here, the contest and the Facebook page. 

2.  I loved reading this article about a project called the Mitten Quilt. I adore it because it involves quilts and books, twobook_themitten of my very favorite things.  The initiative involves sending books to children from ages O to 5. School success is largely based on reading and books and every child in this community will have 60 books by their 5th birthday. How wonderful!

There are fantastic mitten quilts being raffled off based on or inspired by the children’s book, The Mitten.   Read the whole article which does a great job of describing the program and the books but less so on quilts. It’s the thought that counts.

CBM201602-HP-CloakX3. Cosplay patterns by McCalls seems to be a great idea by this company. I personally am not the cosplay generation but I love the idea of it. People who participate seem to be doing a lot to keep garment sewing in the news.

The patterns are not cheap and are only available on line but are also adaptable. No matter which character a person is trying to dress like, these patterns can be useful. You can read an article about these patterns here or check them out on the website. Maybe some of you have helped a friend or relative make a cosplay costume?

4. QuiltCon West 2016 is this week and I am not going. I enjoyed the heck out of last year’s but I just couldn’t pull it off this year.Quiltcon500 However, I hope to keep up with what is going on by checking the official site as well as blog posts of those who are attending. Plus, I think there will be some fun activities going on for people who stayed home on Instagram.

The Crafty Gemini is going and promises updates on her various social media sites. See her first entry here. 

My friend Catherine Redford is going as well. You can read about her torture of being in warm weather with quilts here.

Who knows, maybe you are going also and we will read about you!

I will be staying home working on my quilts and watching my grandchildren. Life is good!

Sew happy!

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I have a whole post about quilt books for children. I love them! Read it here.

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