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Fill in the blanks Quilting advice

Today’s blog post is completely different than any other I have ever done. It’s a game for you or your guild or bee. Don’t despair, it’s fun! I chose the topic of quilting advice because we quilters are generous souls, yes? We will lend you fabric, give you thread and share our supplies. Also, on... Read more »

29 Things to do on February 29th

Monday is February 29, a date which only comes around once every four years. It’s like the Olympics or the Presidential Elections without all the commercials on TV. This is just a unique day so we should do something unique. Here are 29 things to do on February 29th to start your own creative approach.... Read more »

Goodbye, I love you is my favorite habit.

Tonight is blogapalooza and the topic is: “Write about a habit or routine of yours that you would either like to break or that you hope never ends.” I actually have one of each. But let’s do the positive, shall we? My husband, daughters and I all have a habit of saying “I love you”... Read more »

My quilt was rejected from the International Quilt Festival

Some days are better than others. Today was an “other” which began with an email entitled ” Decline for Modern Quilts exhibit” and it didn’t ring a bell. I opened it and found out that my quilt was rejected from the International Quilt Festival. Bummer. I have to admit, it felt lousy to read that email.... Read more »

Gear Fit for Quilters needs to be the next Android Watch

I have an Android phone and a Gear Fit watch that is paired with it. Don’t be impressed, they set it all up for me at the Verizon store. I upgraded from one that merely kept track of my steps to one that does a whole lot more. It nags me to walk more, I... Read more »

How to enjoy Persepolis with your book club

I host my classics book club at my home 3 times a year. Happily I am in another book club, one begun by my daughter to read any kind of book. We take turns hosting and if you host, you pick the book. The hostess provides all the food and if you didn’t finish the... Read more »

6 decades of hair colors end in grey

1955 I was born fairly bald but in this picture, I have hair.  I was blond by age two.
I have had hair, more or less, nearly all my life. I have never been really good at fixing it so I keep it pretty plain. Over the years I have messed with the color but now, in 2016. I have gone natural. For the first time since 1996, I don’t have any hair coloring.... Read more »

Cool quilt articles and posts in the news

I not only love quilting and sewing but I devour reading material on the two as well. I find great things to read all over the web and I share them on my Facebook page. But sometimes there are too many to share. Therefore I want to write about some cool quilt articles and posts... Read more »

Ready for some more Quilt memes?

Babies and quilts, they just go together.
I like to make up funny quilt memes that I post on my Facebook page. Then every so often, I recycle them into a post. I do this about 3 or 4 times a year. And yes, it is an easy way to create a post. Plus I like these memes! What do you say,... Read more »

Snappy Facts about snaps

In the sewing world we are very familiar with snaps and the word conjures up a certain object. I knew it had other meanings but when I looked it up on, I was shocked that the definition for which I was seeking was the 25th given. 25th!  Therefore, I want to preface this post,... Read more »
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