Spectacular Marti Michell templates for Drunkards path challenge part two

I have written before about how much I love Marti Michell and how clever she is. I have also confessed to not being a template gal but I take it all back! The wonderful people at Marti Michell read my post, Drunkards Path part one and sent me their templates to try as I continued making my challenge quilt. Wow! As my husband always says, “Freebies are the best” and in this case it is absolutely true. These are spectacular Marti Michell templates for Drunkards path, I love them.

drunk 2 re 1

I took all the goodies I received and four squares off the design wall. The templates made perfect sense to me immediately. Cut out the smaller curved piece and fill it with the larger one. I even own another template set but it has the smaller one as an arch and it’s super intimidating.drunk 2 re 8

Not only did these templates make sense from the get go but the one pattern really caught my eye. I loved the pieced and playful approach to Drunkards path.

Another advantage of these templates is that you can cut 8 of them at a time. But I decided to try just one. Like a new sauce, I want to be sure before going all in.

drunk 2 re 2

I used template C on one square. I have an arrow point at what curve it makes. I then used template D to cut one light blue piece.

I marked the half way point of both with a pin. I then put a pin to hold them together and sewed it in. Sewing the curve was easy, I was surprised. Why was I intimidated?drunk 2 re 4

It was easier than setting in a sleeve.

Here is the back side of the first one. The test pancake so to speak.

drunk 2 re 5

Now I was all in! I used template c to cut 3 squares at one time. It was perfect with my rotary cutter. You can’t do that with any other Drunkards path template!drunk 2 re 6

I followed that with three more insert fabrics in slightly darker shades of blue. I cut all 3 at one time with my rotary cutter. I was feeling so clever but really, it’s the template.

It didn’t take much time to sew all three in. I was done before my husband was back with dinner. I know, I am a reluctant cook and this was one of those nights.

drunk 2 re 7

I loved the way this circular Drunkards path looked. Plus it went so fast, I meant actually finish this quilt in time.

I already had 4 squares done, now these four and I did four more. I used my previous method as I had already cut it out and it was quite big. As I continue I plan to use the templates for the smaller circles. drunk re 9

Ta da! I have 12 blocks all done, I am thrilled. I am one third of the way done with the blocks and now I have some momentum going thanks to my buddies, Richard and Marti Michell.

It’s wonderful to get by with a little help from my friends.

It makes me Sew happy I want to sing about it!

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