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Drunkards Path challenge part one

I saw this picture on Pinterest, not sure even how or why I stumbled upon it. I decided that I wanted a quilt version. Which is to say, nothing really like it.
My Modern Quilting Guild has a fun challenge for this month, a modern interpretation of Drunkards Path. If we like our final product, we can also enter them to see if they will be accepted to be exhibited at the International Quilt Festival in Chicago. Added on to all of that, I want to make... Read more »

Breaking news alerts about Quilting are needed on TV

In the Chicago area we get alerts when there is a breaking news story. We also often get weather warnings scrolling across our TV screens. Whenever there is a major Chicago sports victory, they interrupt and let us know or feature it on the news. However, there are no scrolling, alerting or features about quilting... Read more »

Reduce your fabric stash by cutting it up

I love fabric and collect it really. I have pictures on this post which show just how much fabric I have. Since I wrote that post, I have bought more fabric and finished many projects. I like the stash of yardage I have for new projects but I have way too many bits and pieces... Read more »

Inspirational musical Gotta Dance motivated me

You know that I love plays and musicals and lately I have been lucky and seen a run of good ones.  Chicago has a lively theatre scene with original plays, touring Broadway hits or off Broadway new plays like Gotta Dance. To attend live theatre there is a big commitment on the part of the... Read more »

12 Lively Facts about Linen

When I was a teacher I used to wear jumpers, not the British kind but the American dress that has been scorned and maligned since it went out of style. I loved jumpers, I even wore one on my first date with my husband. Two of my favorite jumpers were made of linen. I loved... Read more »

DIY How to make a fabric gift bag from one yard of fabric

Start with one yard of fabric. Cut off any rough edges, the selvage and straighten the piece. If you want your bag smaller, start with less fabric. Easy!
I have written before about how I try to avoid using wrapping paper. When I can, I try to share my ideas on how to make a fabric gift bag and I have a new one. Did you see the Facebook post that was going around on how to make a gift bag out of... Read more »

Jack London inspired my sewing or The Call of the Wild to the studio

Last summer I visited Alaska and while I was there, I went overboard on Alaskan fabrics in two quilt stores. Once I got home and looked at the fabrics I wasn’t so sure I wanted an Alaskan quilt, per se. I let those fabrics age and marinate a while for just the right project. I... Read more »

I am not apologizing for not drinking ever again

I have read that there is a movement for  #DryJanuary. Just January? I call my dry months January through December or all 12 months of the year. I don’t drink, I just don’t and I have gotten push back from people about it. After reading this article, I decided I am not apologizing for not... Read more »

Organize all the toys with DIY bags

I love my grandchildren and they love toys. Lots of toys with increasingly smaller pieces which are not fun for me to step on nor babies to put in their mouths. I also love a clean condo, particularly in the office where we store the toys the 4 days a week our sweethearts are not... Read more »

Seeing the musical Beautiful will start 2016 off right

I have mixed emotions about New Year’s Eve, sometimes I want to ignore it and other times I want to do something fun. My best experiences have either been with my girls when they were young or out to dinner with my husband. This year we added in a play, the musical Beautiful. It was... Read more »