Month by month hat wardrobe for the bald squad in Chicago

Mr. Clean, Bruce Willis and Michael Jordan all display their hairless pates with pride. It doesn’t matter if they are smooth from shaving or nature, it’s a great look for all kinds of men. There is only one catch; a naked head can get cold, wet, sunburnt or hot. What are the follicle challenged supposed to do?

My husband has had a decade or so of experience in this area. He has “volunteered” to model a month by month hat wardrobe for the bald squad in Chicago.  He has some pretty cool hats he’s collected and some words of wisdom to impart.

Bald headed guys rock and their hats even more so!

Hats rule! Having a husband who is a good sport totally rules.

Sew happy!

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Do I have any more sartorial advice to provide? As a matter of fact, yes. Click here for the 14 coats you need in Chicago.

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