Modern Machine Quilting DVD by Catherine Redford

I have written before about my fabulous guild, the Naperville Modern Quilters Guild, which is comprised of Quilt stars, legends and leaders in the Modern Quilting movement. These talented and creative women include Catherine Redford who is not only a luminary in the Quilt world but one heck of a nice person. She is knowledgeable and generous with her expertise. Remember the time when she saved me when I just couldn’t finish that Round Robin quilt? I will never forget it or my gratitude.

crPlus, she is funny. The woman can crack me up. Who wants to go to guild meetings without any sarcasm, laughing or the occasional snarky comment? Not me!

So yes, I do have a bit of a woman crush on Catherine and when she asked me to be part of her blog hop I was thrilled to say yes. And not because I got a free DVD out of the deal. OK, maybe that was a tiny part of it. It’s because I wanted to return a fraction of all she has given to me and the quilt world.dvd

What DVD, you demand to know! Why the Modern Machine Quilting DVD by Catherine Redford. It is great!

Can’t we all use new ways of doing things, fresh approaches to tasks and inspiration to accomplish it all? Yes, we can! I have her DVD playing for the third time as I type this.

Each time I watch and listen to it, I garner new tidbits. Plus, I am a sucker for an English accent. Truth. (Admit it, you are also.)

Catherine shares all her secrets for free motion quilting on her terrific Bernina machine. I personally quilt on a Longarm but nearly everything she demonstrates, I can apply to my machine quilting.

MMQ_SketchMy favorite parts of the DVD are when she advises us to doodle before we sew. The woman can even doodle masterfully and her nails? Stupendous.

I also loved when she explained the difference between meander and stippling. Size seems to matter even in quilting. And her brilliant examples of the stitches are in placemats.


I am seriously lusting after those placemats. I have seen them in person and if Catherine hadn’t been watching us, I would have swiped them. Just kidding. (No, I’m really not.)

Catherine has made two DVDs, this is her second. Didn’t I tell you she was talented? You can check out her first one here. And you can see about purchasing the one I am reviewing here.

Or you can try to win one, that would be fun. Catherine is doing a give away on her blog. You can enter by commenting on her posts about this blog hop. I hope you win!

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Wrap up by Catherine

Learning new techniques from a stellar quilter, that makes me Sew happy!

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Liked this post? I’ve written before about Catherine, check it out here.

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