Make a modern Baby quilt top in a day

I was invited to a baby shower for a sweet baby boy arriving soon. The parents-to-be include the son of a very good friend of mine. I’ve know him since the day he was born and I went to his wedding. He is an art teacher and a musician. As part of my wedding shower gift to him and his wife, I made them both aprons, which they loved. I know they appreciate handmade items and are artistic.

baby q re 1I kept wondering if I should make them a baby quilt while I worked furiously on my Drunkards path quilt top. I finished that top last night, hooray. I have a week to quilt it. Maybe I could fit one in?

I took out some fabric and put it on my design wall. It was a rough idea of what I wanted to make. I showed it to my husband and he said, doesn’t look like a baby quilt. q re 2

I also texted the pic to my daughter and put it on a Facebook page for Twilters. My daughter said YES! And a fellow twilter, Melinda made a sketch of how she thought I could improve it.

I loved her suggestion and decided to sleep on it. I kept mulling it all over in my head.

Today I got home from lunch with a friend and decided I could do it, I could make a modern baby quilt top in a day.

Oh, did I mention that today is Wednesday and the shower is Sunday? That is the plus of a modern quilt, they are harder to design but easier to sew up some times.

baby re 3

I cut two blue strips and a blue 5″ square. I offset the square and cut the fabric to surround it. I folded the drop fabric into a skinnier piece and put the strips on the cloud fabric. This was coming q re 4

I took a break and made dinner. And by “made” I mean heated up a premade pot roast from Peapod. Zapped some veggies, cut up an apple and done. Back to the sewing room.

The cloud fabric was directional and not following the width of the fabric. I wanted the quilt to be as long as the width of the fabrics and not that wide. I wanted the back to be one cute piece of baby fabric, no piecing.

I cut the cloud fabric so the clouds were going that right way, 3 strips 5″ by 36″. I cut one in half and decided to piece it on top of one strip and on the bottom of the other.

I ultimately pieced them with a 5″ blue square in-between. I sewed a blue strip along the first section and between the two strips.

baby q re 5I am planning on binding it in the blue as well so I did not put a blue strip on the right side. I cut a 5″ strip of the drop fabric and sewed it on the left side. Done!

It was only 9:30 so I knew I could get it on the Longarm and quilt it for a couple of days or less! I put the backing on and then I had a special fun batting.

I recently wrote two posts comparing different kinds of Warm company’s batting. I really liked the Warm blend so they sent me a bolt of it. Can you believe it?

I also got a case of twin bats of the soft soft high loft. My daughter is ecstatic as she loves polyester batting. (No, not to sew with, but for me to use making her quilts. Ha!)

I cut a piece of the Warm blend and floated it above the back.  baby re 6I pressed the top and picked off threads before placing it on top of the new batting.

Tomorrow I will get started quilting and finish by Friday. That gives me Saturday to bind and figure out how to wrap it. (Fabric bag?)

Hopefully when I put it in that bag, it will have binding on it!

Sew happy

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If you enjoyed this I have two other modern baby quilts I have made. Here’s a post of a colorful one and a more subdued one.

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