Call of the Wild Book Club Grand Finale

Here in Chicago our temperature did not get out of single digits today. It was the perfect weather for our Call of the Wild Book Club Finale. Yes, we are book nerds, thanks for noticing. We meet 3 times each year and discuss a classic book. We have read 17 classics, one every 4 months since 2010.

We focus on different sorts of classics. When we started we tackled giant tomes and if you don’t finish a book you have to bring chocolate for everyone else. Some books found a size-able amount of chocolate wild re 10being passed around.

The next focus was women authors of classic novels which was an enjoyable phase. Lately we are selecting shorter classics. Less chocolate but better attendance with this plan!

I was thrilled with The Call of the Wild because I was lucky enough to visit Alaska in 2014. wild re 2Naturally, I bought tons of fabric and shipped it home. I wrote about making the table runner and the napkins in a recent post.

I was happy that I finished all the sewing and everyone was very complimentary about them. Well, once they had processed the fact that I had that many Alaskan fabrics in my possession. Have they never heard of a stash?

wild re 5

When I was in Sitka, Moda had a souvenir table cloth for sale in the fabric store. Of course I bought it. I put it on my trunk and all my Alaska books on top. wild re 4

Did I mention that Moda had a dish towel in that same collection. When you’ve got these kinds of gems in your cupboards you trot them out. I just hope my girls don’t fight over them once I am gone. Ha ha!

Before each book club grand finale, I research discussion questions to guide our conversation. I think many book clubs don’t even discuss the books. They are obviously not run by teachers!

As we read the book, we look for foods the characters eat. Buck and his pals were eating a lot of raw meat so we had to be creative. At one point Buck stole bacon and early in the book the dogs were given salmon to eat.

wild re 8I don’t know about you but when I hear bacon and salmon, I think brunch! We had two quiches, one with ham not bacon but close enough. We also had bagels with lox, red onions, capers, cream cheese and tomatoes. And do you see that luscious fruit salad?

What I cut out in the picture was the mouth watering pan of homemade cinnamon rolls my daughter made. She even left me the extra ones and that was not the only sweet we enjoyed. We also had scones and blueberry muffins. You have to keep your strength up to discuss books and everyone brings food to share and match the theme.

We drank hot coffee, iced coffee, hot tea, ice water, ginger ale and orange juice with a bit of Prosecco for those who wanted something sparkly. wild re 6There was also a bottle of Cabin Fever which was maple flavored whiskey, very Gold Rush theme in my opinion.

wild re 0

There were eight of us and we had a grand time. I think you learn about people when you try to figure out what all the meaning is in a book. I always sit when we take the group shot so it’s easier to crop the picture without one tall lady in back.

It was a wonderful way to spend a cold afternoon. We laughed, learned and strengthened the bonds thatwild re 11 women form when they meet together. The only disappointment was that I forgot to serve the Klondike bars one member brought. (Clever, Klondike!)

I guess Cliff and I will just have to eat them ourselves.

Stitching table linens for book club makes me Sew happy!

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