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How do you respond to odd questions and comments?

How do you respond to odd questions and comments? Do you shake your head, give a response or remain silent? I know we have all gotten a few in our lives, sometimes about quilting and sewing and sometimes about every other subject in the world. As I grow older, I try to not respond, that’s... Read more »

I lied to the Spanish Police

Tonight is blogapalooza, a monthly event where we get a topic, write a post and publish in an hour. Tonight’s topic gave me pause, but you can read it yourself. “Write about a time you told a lie” (It can be a little white lie, a whopper of epic proportions or something in the middle.... Read more »

Drunkards Path top and back are finished

The grand thing about having a couple of quilts going on the same time is the lack of boredom. The worst part is when they both have deadlines and the dates are close. I just finished the Modern baby quilt in time for the shower and bam, I am back in the sewing studio with... Read more »

The worst punishment I ever received

Growing up in the 1950’s was a different experience than growing up now or when I was raising my girls. We had more freedom to roam our town on foot or on bicycles. My mom did not work, my father was the sole bread winner. On my block most of the families were similar. Our... Read more »

Modern Baby quilt is all done on time

I love the process of making a quilt and I love a finished quilt. Sometimes the time lapse involved is months and months but this time I had a definite deadline.  I am ecstatic that the modern baby quilt is all done on time no less! I designed it with help on Wednesday, pieced it... Read more »

Make a modern Baby quilt top in a day

I was invited to a baby shower for a sweet baby boy arriving soon. The parents-to-be include the son of a very good friend of mine. I’ve know him since the day he was born and I went to his wedding. He is an art teacher and a musician. As part of my wedding shower... Read more »

Month by month hat wardrobe for the bald squad in Chicago

Here's a friendly bald headed man who is going to show us month by month how to protect yourself from cold and sun. He's happy to help out his fellow bald guys in this world.
Mr. Clean, Bruce Willis and Michael Jordan all display their hairless pates with pride. It doesn’t matter if they are smooth from shaving or nature, it’s a great look for all kinds of men. There is only one catch; a naked head can get cold, wet, sunburnt or hot. What are the follicle challenged supposed... Read more »

Spectacular Marti Michell templates for Drunkards path challenge part two

I have written before about how much I love Marti Michell and how clever she is. I have also confessed to not being a template gal but I take it all back! The wonderful people at Marti Michell read my post, Drunkards Path part one and sent me their templates to try as I continued... Read more »

Call of the Wild Book Club Grand Finale

Here in Chicago our temperature did not get out of single digits today. It was the perfect weather for our Call of the Wild Book Club Finale. Yes, we are book nerds, thanks for noticing. We meet 3 times each year and discuss a classic book. We have read 17 classics, one every 4 months... Read more »

Modern Machine Quilting DVD by Catherine Redford

I have written before about my fabulous guild, the Naperville Modern Quilters Guild, which is comprised of Quilt stars, legends and leaders in the Modern Quilting movement. These talented and creative women include Catherine Redford who is not only a luminary in the Quilt world but one heck of a nice person. She is knowledgeable... Read more »