My most popular and favorite posts of 2015

I wrote and published some 250 posts in 2015. Some were tutorials, some were personal, some were me trying to be funny and others were just me writing about sewing or life. However, when I ran the analytics for my page views, only one post from this year made the top ten. I decided to write about my most popular and favorite posts of 2015 to get a better mix.

Last year my blog had 288,141 page views, but the top ten had nine from 2013 and 14. I guess these topics are universal. Here are the results:

  1. Teacher gift ideas – 9,378 views
  2.  14 Coats needed for a Chicago Winter – 8,291 views
  3. Presents to give Quilters and Sewers – 8, 116 views
  4. How to Make a Shower Curtain – 6,669 views
  5. Ways to know if you are cut out to be a Teacher – 5,309 views
  6. Famous Quotes about Sewing – 3,876 views
  7. DIY Emma costume – 3,664 views
  8. Britt McHenry rant reaction – 3.362 views
  9. Fun Facts about Quilting – 3,200
  10. Alphabet Toy Letters – 2,897 views

You will notice that these numbers don’t nearly add up to the total views. That’s because I have published over 800 posts total and during the year, each one has at least one view. How the numbers fall always surprises me.

Most of these posts were also on my last year’s biggest numbers. I guess people wonder about gifts and teaching. Plus, it is important to be warm!

11703169_10153047990746395_2699254038709392164_nHowever, my favorite posts were a different group and for reasons other than number views. Some posts just spoke to me more than others.

I was terrified to write Why do you Care if I’m Fat but I had such wonderful reactions to it that it is my number one favorite. It was even a bonding experience for myself and my daughter. It also won a prize for post of the month so pretty cool all the way around.

I personally enjoy creating photo galleries as it is such a convenient way to deal with pictures. I really liked the Colors of Fabrics through the Decades because I enjoyed the research so much. It also won a prize one month for top Gallery posts.

Sew-more-cook-lessMy third favorite post was the photo gallery entitled The Joys of Being an Older Lady which was the result of a YouTube video I saw. I liked writing about the joys of my life here and now. Too many people seem to not look forward to being an older lady. Especially men, ha ha. But I liked lauding this time of life.

Speaking of a positive post, I completely adored writing about how to Describe my Love of Sewing and Fabric. It’s not sew easy to completely write out an emotion, a sensation. It was very enjoyable to put into words a way I feel.

Easier to write and a little bit naughty was my post about how I reprimand Children in Public. I half Supernanny telling a child 'No'. Parents - 'Wow! What an amazing supernanny!'expected to be vilified but readers seemed to get what I was saying. I loved being bold enough to publish it.

I guess what makes my favorites is the fact that the writing wasn’t so easy or the publishing wasn’t. But once I got the words on the screen, I felt good. And scary as hitting the publish button can be, I had such great comments and reactions.

So it is you, dear readers, that make the favorite posts a great experience. Thanks for reading in 2015 and I will try to come up with new posts for 2016.

Happy New Year!

Sew happy!

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I wrote a similar post last year but it focused solely on my most popular posts.

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