Let's talk more about quilt batting and finished table runners

I was lucky enough to receive samples of quilt batting from the nice people at the Warm Company. I wrote that I was going to try them all as I finished my holiday sewing. Now I am ready to talk more about quilt batting and finished table runners. Yes, you read that right, I finished all six of them for a total of 8. I am one happy lady.

tr bat re 1I decided to work on the fall table runners first. Before I could add the batting, I had to finish the runners. I ran out of the darker rust that I used in the first one so I finished up with a slightly lighter colored rust.

I like both of them. I happen to have the prototype with the darker which I will be keeping as I have used it.tr bat re 2 Did I tell you I grabbed it off the table to take to guild and showed it with a piece of macaroni stuck to it? Couldn’t convince them it was a design element. Yep, that one is mine.

I enjoyed the way the batting turned out by using fusible batting tape when I made mine so I repeated that process for these three. It’s not my original idea, it’s from Marti Michell but I will probably forget that and just claim as my memory fades. There is a link to that blog post at the bottom of this post.

tr bat re 4I pinned a bag of batting by each table runner so I would not forget which was which. I used the Soft and Bright, Warm and Natural and Warm Blend. tr bat re 5

I quilted them all on my Bernina domestic machine. I hung them back up in order plus put my original on the end. And yes, I did remove the macaroni. It was pretty good still. Just kidding!

They were all easy to quilt, I used the same sewing machine, same sharp needle and variegated 50 ct thread.

Overall, I liked the polyester batting the least which surprised me because that was all I used for decades.

tr bat re 7I also folded them while I worked on the Halloween runners. I left them for a couple of days and unfolded them. None of them had fold marks that were a big deal, again surprising. The warm blend, however, had less. Time to try some more!

tr bat re 6

I wanted to use the Warm Blend again as I was really liking it. I also wanted to try the Warm and White and a non Warm company iron on batting.

I had finished making these tops completely so the process went faster. Quilting the Warm and White was just like the Warm and Natural, easy and soft. The iron on batting, big mistake to try. I will save that for small projects or bags.

The Warm Blend was again a slight winner. Personally, I find I like cotton more than polyester. I like the weight and feel of it. But when you add some polyester to the cotton, it gives it a slight advantage. At least to me!

In the future, I think I will use the Warm Blend more and if I am going to try a polyester I think I would try  the high loft. I really like the cotton batting but it does take a bit longer to dry so I wouldn’t use that in a child’s quilt which gets washed frequently.

I would only use a wool batting if it was strictly a show quilt. There are too many allergies in my family that cotton and polyester don’t annoy. I still have to try a bamboo and I will let you know when I do.

There you have my findings from my tests. I have found a new favorite batting. However, you know what the best thing is about all of this?

I finished those table runners on the 19th of December, very early for me!

Sew happy!

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If you liked the fall runner, you can read the post where I finished it by clicking here. The Halloween table runners post is here but I still have to finish the promised quilt. Next fall!

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