Let's talk about different kinds of quilt batting

Let’s talk about different kinds of quilt batting. For example, what is your favorite batting? I am not sure I have one. When I first started I would just buy bags of batting with a coupon at Joann Fabrics.

I used that approach for about 30 years and always hand quilted. I saved the scraps for pillows, stuffed animals, table runners and similar items. At that point I always used polyester and sometimes, it bearded.

When I got my Longarm a huge bolt of Hobbs 80/20 came with the machine so I used it. When I used it up, I bought another one. Recently, my daughter remarked that my earlier quilts were softer than my Longarmed quilts.

batting reThis got me thinking about quilt bats. I spend lots of time and energy getting the right fabrics and threads for my quilts. Maybe I should at least THINK about the batting?

Coincidentally, the people from the Warm Company wrote me and asked if I would like samples of their bats.bat 80 20 I was so surprised that this was all happening at the same time. I got this brochure, wow, so many choices.

I mentioned to them the batting that I was currently using. They were able to find a small sample of their 80/20 blend and darn if it doesn’t feel just like the Hobbs. I want to use it in a small project.

I also received three other craft size packages of batting from them and since I have 6 more table runners to finish, I know how I will use three of them. (Yes, I am still planning on having those done by Christmas. Don’t try to dispel my fantasy.)bat poly re

This batting is 100% polyester so I want to use it on the table runner for my daughter. Do many people still use 100% polyester and when? What about High Loft? Emily might love that!

bat cotton

I got two samples packages of cotton batting, one white and one natural.

I had never even considered that a bleached cotton would be better for a lighter quilt.

I have never used 100% cotton before, natural or white. Years ago, I avoided them because you had to wash and shrink them. Now that they are needle punched, I understand that this is no longer a problem.bat cot natu re

What about showing fold marks? I find that all of my quilts, both polyester and 80/20 have this issue.

bat 50 50Here is their warm blend which is a 50/50 blend which says that it solves this dilemma. That sounds like I should try it first. I can hardly wait!

It’s fun to have another dimension to consider for my projects. Do I want white cotton, natural cotton, polyester or a blend? I will try them all and let you know what I think. And let me know your thoughts as well.

And yes, because I am a sewing nerd this is sew fun for me!

Sew happy!

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