DIY Simple Holiday Dish Towels

Small, useful gifts that are handmade show the person that you are thinking about them for the holidays. I prefer making my gifts because I am not a big mall lover. I can shop all day long in quilt stores for fabric, and I do. On one of these shopping adventures, I finished the bolt for red and green toweling fabric. I hoarded it for years stored it in my stash until this year. I decided I wanted to make DIY simple holiday dish towels for some special friends.

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I took out my treasured fabric and found I had enough for 5 towels. This moda fabric is 16 inches wide, a bit narrower than some fabrics which can be as wide as 20″. For the length, you have to decide if you want to make them 26″ or up to 30″ long.dt re 4  Just press, pin and stitch.

Toweling fabric is hemmed on both sides, you just need to hem the cut ends. I buy it whenever I see it but you can also get it at Harts Fabric or Fabric Depot where they normally carry the exact fabric I am using here. There are so many cute ones!

You can decorate them in all kinds of fun ways. The easiest and fastest is to cut 6″ of fabric and sew it up on side before turning it inside out. Press it before pinning it on the towel.

dt re 11The fabric will add a lot of pizzazz to your towel. I use the blanket stitch to attach these tubes. You can also use a zig zag stitch.

For these towels, I used a fabric which translated Merry Christmas into many languages. You know I love things with other languages and I was giving these to a former colleague. She loves languages also. dt re 13

But I wanted more fun so I decided to program my machine to write out Merry Christmas Diane.  Luckily, I pulled out a scrap and did a practice run. Can you see the mistake? I had left out the I and the S. Yikes!

It’s always a good idea to do a practice. I would like to say that I always do. Cough cough.

dt re 15

Ta da, two finished. I did put these into a gift bag but I could have used some leftover fabric to tie them up. My friend was very appreciative.dt re 17

She even sent me a picture of them in her kitchen! Super fun!

This picture inspired me to make another set for a couple we saw on Saturday night. We met them at the Fig and Olive in downtown Chicago. Wow! What a great restaurant.

We had a spectacular view and a divine meal. I made them three towels, one for each of them individually with two different fabrics. Then on the third, I cut the fabrics 2 inches wide.

dt re 16

The Elf fabric is on the left and the Christmas tree is on the right.  In the middle, both.

Just another way to add some personalization to the towels. You can probably find all kinds of jazzy fabrics in your stash to put on towels.

If not, come on by. I have a pretty awesome stash.

Sew happy!

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I have written about towels before, just not holiday ones. You can check out this post. It is a photo gallery which shows every single step, more than I showed here.

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