A new blue and grey t-shirt quilt finish

My nephew graduated from college in May of 2014. As part of our present to him, I offered to make him a t-shirt quilt to be delivered before his 30th birthday. He had the 12 t-shirts to me lickety split.  Here we are about 18 months later and I am proud to announce a new t-shirt quilt finish. Hip hip hooray!

tsq re 2

I picked up fabulous fabric for his quilt back at Fiddlehead Quilt Store in Maine. I took the main backing fabric and cut it in half. I then put both halves on the quilt itself so that they amply covered each side, top and bottom.

I then measured the gap and the length. I needed a strip of half the width of the fabric but all the length. tsq re 3 You would think I would have just gone ahead and immediately made the back.

Well, you would be wrong. Anyone can make a quilt back if you work at it. Only very talented quilters can make it last a way long time.

I wasn’t idle or not sewing, I was just working on other quilts. I would text my nephew and say, you’re next! He was very polite and never texted back, Liar liar. He would say, YAY or similar encouraging messages.

tsq re 4

I had a gap in-between sewing for the grandchildren and actually got the back made. Yes! It’s true.

It was easy to make, just a bit heavy to have over my arms. I ironed it millions of time but finally just had to put it on the longarm with a few wrinkles here and there.

I cut a piece off of my Hobbs 80/20 bolt to match and floated that on top of the back. I had already oiled the machine and loaded it with grey thread. tsq re 5

I was ready to start quilting so naturally I took a break. Of like a month. tsq re 6Possibly two. I was teaching my nephew patience?

I finally started quilting it and took my sweet time. I am not bragging or proud, I am just all about full disclosure and honesty.

I completely enjoyed quilting it. I used a straight geometric design all over the quilt, binding to binding. I thought it went well with the overall industrial vibe to the fabrics. tsq re and marked

Eventually I finished quilting it and thought, well, this quilt needs to rest for a while. I was working on so many other things and I had grown fond of it by now.

tsw re backI used the remaining half of the fabric I had left from the back for the binding. The fabric was only 18 inches wide so I had to piece it quite a bit. I think it turned out great. I love the front.

I also love the back. I think my nephew will love it also. I am not going to mail it as I will see him on Christmas eve. In our family the kids stop getting presents once they graduate from college so this will be a late Graduation gift, not a Christmas gift.

He is now coaching college cross country and track so I can foresee another t-shirt quilt in his future.

Just as long as he’s not in a hurry!

Sew happy!

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