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12 goals for 2016 in my Sewing room

Looking at the groups of fabric in my sewing room you are seeing the next projects I want to accomplish. Hope to accomplish might be better. To get all this done, I need to really keep my focus. Oh boy, we might be in trouble.
A new year begins and there is always the thought that we can begin again. I don’t really have resolutions, I have goals. Last year I wanted to keep up with yoga and by golly, I did it. I was thinking if I declared certain goals, I would reach all of them as well. This... Read more »

My most popular and favorite posts of 2015

I wrote and published some 250 posts in 2015. Some were tutorials, some were personal, some were me trying to be funny and others were just me writing about sewing or life. However, when I ran the analytics for my page views, only one post from this year made the top ten. I decided to... Read more »

Stocking presents Christmas was perfect for this Quilter

This year, I got my Christmas present early, it was a trip to NYC with my girlfriends to see plays, eat and sight-see. My husband got his brand new iPad Pro the very day it came out for his. (Yes, he is a tech geek.) As a result, we agreed to only fill each other’s... Read more »

Holiday fantasies and expectations versus reality

Weather is a big part of our lives, even though we can't do a darn thing about it. Here in the Midwest it's warmish and raining. No one's fantasy
In my fantasy world, all my sewing is done. Months ago! In reality, I was sewing until midnight last night and have more to do today. At dinner time tonight, I am calling it. Whatever is done by then, that is what is getting done. It seems the holidays are a prism that makes our... Read more »

Let's talk more about quilt batting and finished table runners

I was lucky enough to receive samples of quilt batting from the nice people at the Warm Company. I wrote that I was going to try them all as I finished my holiday sewing. Now I am ready to talk more about quilt batting and finished table runners. Yes, you read that right, I finished... Read more »

Littlest Mermaid panel quilt is finished

I know I could have just made a regular panel quilt and been done with this Mermaid quilt really quickly. But where’s the sport in that? I had to jazz it up as you saw in the first post when I had the top finished. I am thrilled to be able to say that the... Read more »

A Quilter Holiday Newsletter the fake version

Dear Family and Friends, July 1 I am determined to get my Holiday newsletter done early this year and sent off right after Thanksgiving. This year has been a pretty good one quilting wise. You might remember that my New Year’s Resolution was to visit a new quilt store each week and who can visit... Read more »

I have finally stopped dreading Christmas

This year, I have finally stopped dreading Christmas. I know, it makes me sound like a real Grinch but it just sort of happened to me in my life. My favorite holiday was always St. Patrick’s Day – wear some green, eat something green and there you go, just fun. I used to be so... Read more »

Fascinating and fun Facts about Flannel

I have made several flannel quilts and in my 20’s, I wore flannel nightgowns. I don’t wear flannel anymore because I find it way too warm which makes it ideal for cozy quilts. However, of all the quilts I have made, the flannel ones are those that have self destructed. They wear, rip, sag and... Read more »

A new blue and grey t-shirt quilt finish

My nephew graduated from college in May of 2014. As part of our present to him, I offered to make him a t-shirt quilt to be delivered before his 30th birthday. He had the 12 t-shirts to me lickety split.  Here we are about 18 months later and I am proud to announce a new... Read more »
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