What to do if you run out of quilt motivation

Sometimes I hit the wall in life. I just run out of ideas, I think we have all done this. We don’t know if we can think of one more dinner to make, one more lesson to teach or maybe even one more quilt to make. I am hoping that quilting never becomes ho hum or routine for you. Has it been too long since you’ve been in your sewing room or if the excitement is ebbing, you need a quilt intervention. Let’s see how to you get more motivated and itching to sew and quilt again. Here’s what to do if you run out of quilt motivation.

Quilt shows are one of the ways that I get my creative juices going. I got to small shows, big shows and sometimes just to see quilts hanging in a house or building. red-quiltsThere is a very small state museumrelatively near me and I always check out their tiny but super curated exhibits. When I see lots of quilts with my own eyeballs and my molecules in the same place as the work of art, my brain starts buzzing. A color from here, a design element from there and a fabric I already have swirl around in my head and invariably, a quilt comes out.

Quilt blogs are another great way to get ideas. They might share tips, give information, make you laugh or show you quilts. It just gets the creative part of your mind fb-arthumming! I read lots and lots of blogs but if the first couple of paragraphs don’t do it for me, I move on. It’s easy to do with blogs all coming to me on Bloglovin.

Facebook is another way I get motivated. I go to my pages feed and most of them are from quilt people. I zip along and something will grab my eyes and say, hey there partner, look again. The page might lead me somewhere else and soon, I’m sketching or looking at pattern ideas.

Quilt books really do it for me as well. I will often just sit in a chair in my sewing studio and go through books.mqpcover I pretend like I am organizing and cleaning up my shelves but really I am seeking a spark. Some of my books are really old, I am not looking to reproduce those quilts or use those techniques, I just want some picture or idea to light a tiny fire in my thoughts.

Quilt magazines are very stimulating to my imagination. I subscribe to many, too many. I am constantly trying to shrink LOQMagCollage-380x324the numbers that arrive in my mailbox but I adore them. I flip through them on car trips, while watching TV or bring them along to an appointment. I rip out pages where something piques my interest. Sometimes I stick them up on a wall or design board, put them on my longarm table or file them. Others I pitch but they’ve done their job.

Pinterest is probably my last resort for quilts. I like it better for projects than quilts and I am not sure why. For some entering the world of Pinterest is slipping down the rabbit hole but it’s probably the one area where I have good boundaries. The pictures have led me to some great sites but there are some shady sites as well which are linked to pictures.Pinterest-Logo If my first click to a site looks suspicious, I don’t click any more.

Creative people beget creativity in each other, that’s why there are writing groups and incubator buildings. Talking to people in guild, at shows or that I just know always gets my senses more in tune with all that there is out there to produce more creativity in me. I do this digitally with my Twilter buds as well. The only thing I want to be careful of is stealing an idea without really realizing it. I am vigilant to distinguish between motivation and reproducing.

I also love classes but these are harder for me to come by. I haven’t been bitten by the Craftsy class bug yet but I still have that possibility waiting for me. I love to take classes where there are other people in the room with me. The teacher and collect_sew_221rdthe other participants always drag the best work out of me.

Just sewing something is my last resort if I am stuck. I will make something new that is little, a tiny gift or an apron. It gets me interacting with fabric and thread and creation. As I sew, ideas flood my head and occasionally I am flitting about and pulling fabrics before I can even finish a purse sized Kleenex holder!

I know we all have unfinished projects but sometimes the reason is we don’t want to. We don’t go on to something else because we are people who finish, by golly! That whole mindset can break down your passion and creative side. Do one part or one block and then let yourself work on something fresh. The two will feed off each other and soon you’ll have both projects humming along.

Or maybe working on one of my projects will get you out of your slump? Email me; I will fix you right up!

Sew happy!

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