The Quilter's Trunk - Chicago's New Top-Drawer Quilting Store

Chicago is a premier city with highly rated music, restaurants, theater and sports. As a result, many significant quilt shows and conventions come to town. When quilters travel, they love to shop and not just at the merchant malls. Many of the quilt shows will organize shop hops and these shops are usually in the suburbs. I have long wished that we had a famous quilt store similar to The City Quilter in NYC that I have visited not just once, but twice.

11011295_1653992108213231_8121207790052133640_nMy fervent wish has come true and magnificently so. Enter the Quilter’s Truck – Chicago’s new top-drawer quilting store. Let me show you what I saw and bought and convince you to visit it.

The store itself is all brand spanking new inside and it has its own parking lot with free parking. For a city location, this is a huge plus. When I walked in I couldn’t get over how fresh, light and airy it seemed. There was room to browse!chicago re

This shop is in Chicago and unabashedly proud of that fact. Above the register area there is a terrific painting of the major landmarks in our fair city. On the counter is a quilt of that painting using Chicagocentric fabric. And yes, the kit is available.

You can also get a kit to make a quilt of the Chicago flag. I felt so happy for the city, to have this gorgeous shop and to have trunk re 5this store stock projects and fabrics that show off Chicago.

These shelves have all sorts of travel and geographic fabrics. (Please notice the gleaming wooden floors on either side.) And hip hip hooray, they have Chicago fabrics.

I know I am gushing and no, I do not have any stake in this business. I am just excited to have a premium quilt store in the city and I don’t even live within the city limits.

What other kinds of fabrics are there? Oh wow, everything. Blends, wools and lots of cottonstrunk re 2 in every color and hue around.

The day I went I was looking for a solid. I had run out of the rust colored cotton that I was using on trunk re 1my table runners. There was a wall to choose from.

Take a look at this fabulous collection of fabrics from Africa. I have visited quilt stores all over the country and never seen such an outstanding selection. Don’t you want them all?20151118_124131

My husband and I stopped by on our way home from breakfast downtown. (We love Little Goat, what can I say?)  Cliff stayed in the car but there was no need. There was an area for any non quilting companions to relax and watch TV.

And there were wonderful bathrooms on either side of the African fabrics. Plus a quilt themed trunk re 4register area. Don’t you love it? (And it turns out I went to HS with the woman behind the counter!)

There were also Baby Lock machines for sale. They were to the right on the entrance which I liked. If you are here for fabric, you don’t have to make your way through the sewing machines to find it. trunk re 4

As you can tell, I very much enjoyed visiting this new store and I am excited about its location. As it is south, it’s not that far from me. I can go back for sales!

Speaking of which they have a fabulous grand opening sale over last weekend. When did I go? Not until Wednesday. But that’s OK, more motivation to make the next one.

trunk re 9

Did missing the sale make me not buy fabric? Are you nuts? I have a new grandson and he needs a Christmas quilt. One of these years!

I got some lovely fabrics and I’ve already started on his quilt. Can you believe it?

And by start, I mean I washed and dried the fabrics. Hey, that’s a start!

Sew happy!

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