Quilters will never become millionaires, sew what?

I like money as much as the next person. I am more than willing to have fun with it, buy some fabric, travel, give some away. But I am not that into money which is obvious from my history. I was a teacher, a profession not know for millionaires and now I am a quilter.  In fact, if you look at Forbes list of the Richest People in the World, there is nary a quilter to be found.

I believe that quilters will never become millionaires or billionaires. You can look up different lists, search it by different terms6a0133f3a4072c970b01901c234001970b-550wi but you are never going to find quilters on the list of the super rich.

2012-03-09_billionairesWhy is that, you ask? I was hoping you would do so. I have some theories.

1. We work with our hands. Think of other professions that create or make things with their hands. Besides the occasional Picasso level artist, hand made is not something that is generously rewarded on the marketplace, at least not during the artist’s lifetime.

2. Quilters are traditionally females. Other fields which have been dominated by women had income discrepancies as well, teachers and nurses, for example. And not only were quilters females, the work was done in the home.

3. Ad and TV money is limited. Most recorded quilting is on DVD or the internet and admit it, there’s not a lot of drama involved. Celebrity endorsements are limited to in house, nudity is frowned upon and the mob has an extremely limited presence. All of this boils down to fewer bucks. Top-10-Tech-Billionaires-2014-001

4. Betting is rare on quilts. Think of the things Americans bet on, I’ve never heard of a fantasy quilting team. Sporting events capture our interest not just because of the rivalries but the money riding on the game.

5. Quilts just aren’t that rare or sexy. We’re prolific as were the quilters who came before us. Knock offs are plentiful. Quilters wear sensible shoes and tend not to favor plunging necklines. Product made by sensible crafters lasts but lacks a certain elan.

However, does any of this really matter? Is the goal of quilting to make Forbes’ list? And does that list mean happiness?

No, no and no.

Quilters provide a much more meaningful element to the world. We warm and comfort the cold or sad. We give of ourselves and our hearts.

After floods, fire and storms quilters send actual material comfort. We sew quilts, dresses, caps and hospitals gowns. We spend our own money on the supplies and then we give them away.

What-Makes-People-Happy-2We have family and friends to whom we give our quilts. We create them by doing the meaningful work of sewing and quilting. Our belief in the power of quilts to heal maintains our positive attitudes.

And those are the key to happiness as listed in the Joyful Days website. Family and relationship, meaningful work, positive attitudes and the ability to forgive are the most important aspects to being happy.

Quilters have these in abundance and share this joy with those around them. They create with their hearts and so increase the love inside. And while quilters may not be on the list of billionaires, they are on the list of those who give and receive love.

And that, dear quilters, is what being “rich” is all about.

Sew happy!

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