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Stunning Fall Strip Table Runner part 1 Tutorial

I have a kitchen island, a china storage cabinet and a big ole kitchen table and they all NEED table runners on them for me to be happy. I’ve been making table runners for a couple of thousand years but still, each year it seems I have to make a new one. I just completed... Read more »

10 Fantastic Facial Expressions of Quilters

I was poking around on Facebook today and saw a post about facial expressions that teens make. I decided right then and there that Quilters have faces also and we use them to make expressions. So there! Not having a group of volunteers around to create the many facial expressions of Quilters, I decided to... Read more »

Celebrating another male quilter

One of the more mysterious and enthralling part about writing a blog is that you never know who is or will read it. Not everyone leaves a comment, either they choose not to or they don’t have a Facebook account. My analytics tell me how many people click onto the blog and a cumulative list... Read more »

How to create a Turkey applique - pattern included

Thanksgiving is fast approaching and I have a new grandson who will be having his first celebration. I saw a darling Turkey onesie in a store and it was 28.00. I love Henry but for that kind of money I thought, I could make him three. So I decided to do one! The hardest part... Read more »

I am no longer a Yoga drop out

I retired from full time teaching in 2010 with 3 new skills I wanted to gain. I wanted to learn how to knit and I did. I wanted to learn how to golf and I still own those clubs. I wanted to love yoga so I tried it at three different places and I dropped... Read more »

12 Wonderful Facts about Wool you will love learning

What comes to mind when you hear the word wool? Steel wool? Sheep? Yarn? Pulling something over someone’s eyes? Fabric? All of those are valid but today’s post is going to deal with the fabric and the sheep. Ever since I took a tailoring class in college and had to sew a tailored blazer and... Read more »

A year's worth of Gift Tags for the procrastinator Quilter

Those get well quilts are hard to get ready in time. Better they feel better and can thank you properly
The Holidays are coming up, in fact I feel like advertisers are in full gear, as if they are next week. I like to sew at my own pace. Fine, I am slow! I know there is more that I want to get done than I possibly can. Last year I had to writelittle IOU... Read more »

Supergirl sewing and fabrics

I am not a huge TV fan but I have certain shows I like to watch. Surprisingly, one of them in the new CBS show, Supergirl. I raised two daughters and have a granddaughter so I love ways to make females feel proud and empowered. When I saw the previews on TV I asked my... Read more »