I need a Spa Day just for quilters

Sewing and quilting are my hobbies and passion. They restore my spirit, delight my brain, give me satisfaction, beautify my home and also give me tremendous friends.

They also can be a pain in the neck. Back. Legs. Eyes. Hands. You get the idea. After a lot of sewing and quilting I need a Spa day just for quilters. spa

I have only had a spa day once, it was years ago. My daughter and I did one on a trip to Napa Valley. It was glorious but not quilter specific.

spa handssSometimes my hands hurt. And my wrists, wahhh! I could use someone to come to my studio and make my hands feel all better.

OK, maybe not my house but a show? I would sign up when I attend a quilt show. If no one else does, then I guessspa finger all the more time for me.

A finger massage? You’re saying you wouldn’t love this? Sure we could throw in a manicure. And I would like a guarantee of my hands feeling young. And spa guysyes, you can remove those age spots if you insist.

You have a different idea of a spa day just for quilters, huh? I get that but this is my fantasy, thank you very much. Try to imagine something a bit more decadent.

Someone washing your hair, styling it and making you feel spa hairpampered? With a bit of a head massage thrown in?

Still no?

spa footOkay, you are playing hard to get. How about your feet, certainly they could use some TLC.  When I have been standing to cut, design or longarm my dogs can bark!

Am I finally getting to you? If not then you are some sort of Spartan Quilter, able to sustain pin pricks, unlimited time on your feet and in no need of a luxury fantasy day.

Wait, I know how to entice you to share my vision. Your knees. Yep, those all important jointsspa knee there in the middle of your legs.  I don’t know about you, but mine have seen better days. Ahhh, I can imagine the relief.

AnneSofie-Spa 289

I would top it off with a massage of my shoulders. Yes, they get sore from working over my machine and my longarm.

Fine, I just like massages! I know they are not cheap but this whole experience is solely in my imagination and I have a pretty darn good one.

Just going on my pretend spa day for quilters makes my whole body feel better. The knots and kinks in my neck and shoulders, gone! The stress in my hands and joint? Bye bye!

And to finish off this dream, let’s have some coffee. Look I got you one. And maybe a little treat. Hey you deserve it!spa coffee

Even if it exists only in my mind. And possibly yours!

Sew happy!

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