Don't patronize old people by calling them cute

I am 62 years old and do you know why I am that age? Because I was born in 1953. The main determiner of age is when you were born, shocking I know. Each year, in fact, I get older; I hope to at least.

old peopleI am taking upon my self to speak up for other older folks. (You’re welcome.) I want to tell the world, don’t patronize old people by calling them cute. This fad is not amusing or a compliment.

I have been these types of posting on Facebook. I want to reply, nope, we’re really not. cute old man

Kittens are cute. Puppies are cute. Most babies are cute. Old people were just born before you.

Old people are wise, intelligent, seasoned, creative and athletic. They can also be dumb, naive, dull and sedentary. In other words, they are people. They just happen to have had more birthdays than you.

Older citizens of the world have lived more years than younger ones. They have seen and participated in more experiences. They have hopefully learned from them.

This does not make them pitiable, cute or similar to a mascot. I wish all people would embrace agingold 80 and by that mean all of it. What do you think of as an old person? Maybe it’s time to rethink your view, to expand it beyond cute.

Let’s not fear or trivialize old age. Let’s embrace it, warts and all. Babies cry and wet their pants, teenagers suffer with pimples and braces, 20 year olds are seeking and unsure. Each age has its issues.

old bdayBut each age is great also. In old age we  give up some elastin in our skin but gain patience, experience and compassion. And yes, a few extra pounds.

Don’t lie about your age or try to hide it. Don’t treat those older than you like children. Let’s just all enjoy the age we are.

Let’s enjoy our birthdays, heck when else to you get to blow all over food that you then serve to others? (Yes, I am channeling George Carlin here.)

You can call me old, elderly, experienced, senior or good looking. I will answer to ancient, aged or not young. I can accept superannuated, getting on or venerable.

Just don’t call me cute.

Being an experience quilter makes me Sew happy!

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