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What makes a quilt a success?

I think and dream about quilts all the time.  I might be remembering one I’ve previously created, improving one I am working on or imagining one I want to make. Those compelling quilts that I want to make urge me to stop at quilt stores or pull fabrics out of my stash when I am... Read more »

What to do if you run out of quilt motivation

Sometimes I hit the wall in life. I just run out of ideas, I think we have all done this. We don’t know if we can think of one more dinner to make, one more lesson to teach or maybe even one more quilt to make. I am hoping that quilting never becomes ho hum... Read more »

# First World Quilter Problems

As you know, I find many things funny. I like to poke fun at myself, make light of situations and create absurdities that make me laugh. It’s probably good that I laugh at my jokes because then there is at least someone laughing! The first time I saw a #firstworldproblem meme, I thought it was... Read more »

How to Add Pizzazz to a Fabric Panel Quilt

My granddaughter loves cartoons and watches a variety of them which are educational. She learns the songs, pays attention to the lessons and is entertained. She also has a fondness for old school Disney movies and recently fell head over heels in love with The Littlest Mermaid. Ariel, Sebastian and the “bad lady” make regular... Read more »

The Quilter's Trunk - Chicago's New Top-Drawer Quilting Store

Chicago is a premier city with highly rated music, restaurants, theater and sports. As a result, many significant quilt shows and conventions come to town. When quilters travel, they love to shop and not just at the merchant malls. Many of the quilt shows will organize shop hops and these shops are usually in the... Read more »

My favorite quotes from Emily Dickinson

A solitary photograph was long thought to be the only one. Perhaps there is another but this poet filled pages with her poems. Her life was sheltered and now, her poems known world wide. These are the quotes of hers that are meaningful to me.
Tonight is blogapalooza where we have an hour to create a post on a topic we receive at nine. Here is tonight’s challenge: “Share your favorite quote (or quotes) — from a philosopher, author, comedian, politician, friend, family member, movie, whoever — and write in detail about why it resonates and has meaning for you.”... Read more »

Quilters will never become millionaires, sew what?

I like money as much as the next person. I am more than willing to have fun with it, buy some fabric, travel, give some away. But I am not that into money which is obvious from my history. I was a teacher, a profession not know for millionaires and now I am a quilter.... Read more »

Don't patronize old people by calling them cute

I am 62 years old and do you know why I am that age? Because I was born in 1953. The main determiner of age is when you were born, shocking I know. Each year, in fact, I get older; I hope to at least. I am taking upon my self to speak up for... Read more »

I need a Spa Day just for quilters

Sewing and quilting are my hobbies and passion. They restore my spirit, delight my brain, give me satisfaction, beautify my home and also give me tremendous friends. They also can be a pain in the neck. Back. Legs. Eyes. Hands. You get the idea. After a lot of sewing and quilting I need a Spa... Read more »

Stunning Fall Strip Table Runner part 2 tutorial

I hope you could sleep last night waiting for the second part of this tutorial to be published. Well, wait no more. Here it is, yay, Stunning Fall Strip Table runner part 2. I tried a new technique that I learned when I met Marti Michell for lunch. I meant to use it the very... Read more »
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