What to say to Quilters about their quilts

I did a post on what not to say to quilters, I thought it would be great to follow it up with a more positive one. How about what to say to quilters about their quilts. When a Quilter shows a quilt at guild, online or at their house, they are vulnerable. At a show, a bit less perhaps as they have chosen a very public forum.  I love some quilts, like others and some are not my favorites. But I try to always find something positive to say. And if it’s at guild, I would like us to clap every time!

If you really love it

1. I love it!

2. I adore it!

3. I wish I had made that.

4. It’s gorgeous/beautiful/fabulous/fantastic/a work of it.

If it’s well made

5. What talent you have!

6. Your workmanship is exquisite/fabulous/perfect/impressive.

7. I wish I could quilt like that.Q Cheat sheet

8. You are a fabulous quilter

If the fabrics/colors appeal to you

9. Where did you find such fabulous fabrics?

10. I adore that fabric, it is outstanding.

11. I wish I had that same fabric.

12. You have a terrific eye for color.

If the design is very pleasing.

13. I love that design!

14. What a clever way to sew that together!

15. I wish I had designed that quilt.

16. That is one of the best designed quilts I have ever seen.

17. Look at all the time and effort you put into this quilt!

18. There is so much love in that quilt.

19. What a lovely way to keep your loved ones warm.

20. I can tell you just love being a quilter, the joy is evident.

For those who need it, I’ve included a quilter cheat sheet of compliments! No excuses now for not remembering.

Now, say all of these to yourself when you finish a quilt. Don’t apologize, don’t point on mistakes, don’t lament your choices.


Sew happy!

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