Quiltshop wall of shame or quilters gone bad

I am sure you buy fabric and have entered quilt shops. A fact that is little known is that the quilt shops keep track of the underbelly of the quilt world. Don’t believe it? Look in the back and you shall discover The Quiltshop Wall of Shame or quilters gone bad.  I am exposing these fiends now to try and keep the rest of you on the safe, straight and evenly stitched path.

7 woman re

Don’t let Jackie’s suave hat fool you, she’s a mad ripper. She has been know to rip out stitches that DIDN’T NEED RIPPING. Avoid her at all cost, she is armed and dangerous.

5 woman re

Pinny here uses pinterest all the time. He sends pins, he creates pins, he tweets pins and he posts them on Facebook. Do not accept his friendship, he’s a pinner gone mad!

3 woman re

Bobbin is the lesser known of the Parker gals. She is wound way too tight and will mess with your tension. DO NOT LET HER NEAR YOUR MACHINE.

And yes, she is to blame when you are sewing with an empty bobbin. Can’t you hear her maniacal laughter?

1 woman reThready here looks innocent enough but do not be fooled. Also do not let her near your threads.

Somehow after she leaves, your spools are leaking thread into a huge snarl. You’ve been warned.

8 woman re

What can I tell you about Basty that is fit for a blog your kids might read. (Who am I kidding, my kids don’t even read it.)

Basty is nasty. You’ll know she’s visited your sewing studio as the basting will be off, some pins or stitching missing.

And underneath, wrinkles that you KNOW where not there before. Oh she’s a cruel one!

2 woman re

Needles Smith will break and dull your needles and I think she does it on purpose. Don’t even look her in the eye!

6 woman re

Don’t be fooled by his good looks, Al Piecing will make all your square crooked. Your triangles won’t line up.

The deals he makes you, you CAN refuse.

4 woman re

Beware of Cutter Jones! Your blades will be dull, dull, dull. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

9 woman re

Seam and Sewer are a dastardly duo. The bottom seams suddenly weren’t sewn at all. I guess that fabric just somehow “slipped.”

When your bottom binding doesn’t catch, don’t look at me.

It’s sad to admit that there are 9 naughty quilters to watch out for. They are quick as can be and before you know it, your pins and threads are awry. Your seams aren’t sewn, your needles are bent and your cutter couldn’t dent butter.  Lock the door, hide your supplies or the quilters gone bad will give you sewing fits.

Phew, nice to know these problems are NOT our fault.

Now, you can Sew happy!

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