Quilters' Bill of Rights

Here in the States we have various wonderful documents spelling out the freedoms and rights we can expect to enjoy. Sometimes there is disagreement on exactly how one should exercise these rights but we all agree that it’s a great thing to have them written down and preserved. I don’t have enough space to create a Quilter’s Declaration of Freedom nor Constitution. I have the space for a Gettysburg Address type post but lack the writing talent of Abraham Lincoln. That leaves me with a Quilters’ Bill of Rights.

Originally, the Founding Fathers of the USA proposed 12 amendments. The finished document, however, was cut down to 10 so I will follow that document’s lead. n_bill_rights.254135709_std

I will try to use this document to express clarification of rights we quilters should have.  I am trying to avoid wandering into the fantasy area of what we want to have. Also, although these are a bit tongue in cheek, they are also serious. What did I forget?


Quilting Sewing Creating Blog has resolved that all quilters should be guaranteed the following rights and privileges as they quilt, sew and create.

Amendment I – Quilters shall be free to create as the spirit moves them, restricted by no rules.

Amendment II – Quilters shall be free from nasty comments, judgement or negative glances from other quilters with different tastes.

Amendment III – Quilters shall be allowed to collect as much fabric as fits their life style. Collecting fabric shall never be called hoarding or excessive.

 founding_mothersAmendment IV – Quilters shall be free to sew or quilt for at least 10 minutes every day and 20 on weekends. Minutes not used may be accumulated. Minutes over 10 will not be deducted from future day’s allotment.

Amendment V – Quilters shall be considered artists and as such, free from participating in selling their work or services unless they choose to do so.

Amendment VI – Quilters have the right to expect fabric that is printed straight, is at least 42″ wide, measured fairly and of quality materials. When said fabrics are separated from the bolt, scissors must be used.

Amendment VII – Quilters who own shops or sell services will receive prompt payment for all their goods, smiles from their customers and fair treatment from their providers. In exchange, they will have cute bathrooms for shoppers to use.

Amendment VIII – Quilters will give or sell their products to recipients who will oooh and ahhh, keep the quilt in great shape and value it for manyfounding-fathers years.

Amendment IX – Quilters have the right to expect to find products on the marketplace honestly labelled which will be good for their posture, hips, knees and eyes. In exchange they will provide loyalty to said manufacturers.

Amendment X – Quilters have the right to practice, teach, visit, and travel in pursuit of their love of all things quilting.

 Quilts of the people, by the people, for the people shall always be on this earth. 

Sew happy!

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