Quilter husband transitioned to a Quilter

As a group, I find that quilters are advocates for their art and love nothing better than to motivate another person to become a quilter. For example, I am trying like mad to get my granddaughter to love quilting and become a quilter in the future. She’s 2 so we have some time! Other quilters have more immediate success, for example a favorite reader of mine, Kathy from Maine. (Great name, yes?) She told me that her quilter husband transitioned to a quilter and I was absolutely smitten with the story.

joel and kathy

Here they are, my favorite quilting couple. Kathy is a long time quilter and this past summer at their summer cottage, Joel was watching her quilt and remarked that he would like to try quilting. She replied, “Really?” And he affirmed, “Sure, why not?” My kind of man!

Kathy procured a machine for him and found out that he wanted to make a military quilt. As luck would have it, she had quite a bit of that type of fabric left over from a quilt she had made for Amvets. (See how handy a stash is?)

She taught him how to use the rotary cutter which he quickly mastered. Pressing and sewing followed which led to squaring a block. This may not have been his favorite aspect of quilting and he remarked that his new hobby was not as easy as it looked. joel quilt 2

But obviously, it was fun as not only did he stick with it, he became a patient expert at ripping seams. And his patience paid off as this was the quilt he was working on.

Do you not love it? Me too! The fabrics were a brilliant choice and look at how even everything lines up. I love how the red makes the blocks pop.

joel quilt 1The design is clean and perfect for a first quilt. It looks smashing on a bed also.

Joel is keeping this quilt because it is his first. I am so in favor of that choice, I think all quilters should keep lots of their quilts and when it’s a terrific first one, all the more reason.

I know a quilter who has kept zero of her quilts. That doesn’t make sense to me, I want to enjoy my quilts and have others enjoy them as well.

joel quilt 6

I love the back as well, it is just great and could stand on its own. Kathy and Joel call this quilt a “Tween” as it’s not quite big enough to be a twin.

However, plans are afoot for Joel’s next quilt which will be a twin and also with a military theme. He’s a big hearted quilter already, as he plans to give this next quilt away.

joel quilt 3

Joel learned the piecing like a pro and completed this red, white and blue wonder in two and a half months. The longarmer to whom he sent the quilt had it for a month. Faster total time than my first quilt.

Here’s a detail from the quilting she did. Perfect for a military quilt.

I think Joel is an absolutely wonderful role model for all the untapped talent in potential male quilters out there. Quilting is a hobby that is done indoors, doesn’t require youthful athleticism and is immensely satisfying. I would love to hear from other male quilters how and why they started quilting.

I wondered if his wife was as positive about having another quilter in the family. I wonder how other quilters would feel as well. So I asked her and this is what she told me.

“You know it is a really great feeling to have my husband quilt with me. Although there are a few days I just need to be alone in my sewing room. Thankfully he is good about it. But he still comes in out of curiosity to see what I’m doing. He’s so funny. He just can’t help himself. I think you understand about a new quilter. Almost everyday he asks me. Can we quilt today?”

Together time and alone time, the perfect combination. I love it!

Plus, complete comprehension of the need to buy fabric.

Sew happy!

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