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Quiltshop wall of shame or quilters gone bad

I am sure you buy fabric and have entered quilt shops. A fact that is little known is that the quilt shops keep track of the underbelly of the quilt world. Don’t believe it? Look in the back and you shall discover The Quiltshop Wall of Shame or quilters gone bad.  I am exposing these... Read more »

Kim Jong Un of North Korea compared to Quilters

Sometimes I just need to write a goofy post with maybe a serious message at the end. You’re in luck, this is one of those times. I happen to think Quilters are some of the absolute best people in the world and I was musing about who would be their polar opposite. It just popped... Read more »

10 Things Likeable Quilters do

I have seen posts like this for office workers, friends and now there is one for Quilters. I love my quilty peeps, but there are some that I love more than others. It could be that we just click on some molecular level or it could just be that there are things likeable quilters do... Read more »

DIY How to Create your own Barn Quilt tutorial

I love Barn Quilts, just love them. I have photographed them, read about them and bought books to create quilts that look like them. You can imagine my delight when a Facebook friend of mine announced that she was creating her very own barn quilt. Her photographs chronicled her steps and shared the fabulous final... Read more »

Quilter husband transitioned to a Quilter

As a group, I find that quilters are advocates for their art and love nothing better than to motivate another person to become a quilter. For example, I am trying like mad to get my granddaughter to love quilting and become a quilter in the future. She’s 2 so we have some time! Other quilters... Read more »

DIY Alter a man's Cubs shirt to fit a Woman

My husband bought me a fabulous Blackhawks shirt a couple of years ago and it has become the standard by which I judge all other t-shirts. It is cut for a woman, not a girl, a full sized woman and I love it. He keeps trying to find me other shirts that I will adore... Read more »

10 Tips for successful bowling with a Toddler

Tip # 1 - Establish that all the video, gaming and light blinking machines are actually broken. Darn it!
My husband and I will be watching both of our grandchildren starting tomorrow as my daughter’s leave is up. Some events are easier to do when you outnumber the kids so we have been doing some activities with just Z lately. We’ve been to the movies, open gym, restaurants and recently, bowling. The adventure was... Read more »

DIY Walking Dead Apron for Halloween fun

My husband is a huge Walking Dead fan and I disclosed that I got some terrific fabric in this post. There were so many fun things Cliff wanted me to make but we settled on an Apron that he can use when he passes out Halloween candy. The rest of the year, he can grill... Read more »

8 Short Sewing Horror Stories for Halloween season

I am always wasting time on all kinds of sewing websites searching out what’s new in the sewing world. I was tickled when I spied a new meme on the McCalls sewing blog. This meme was entitled “Shortest Horror Story Ever” and was pretty darn funny. I decided to jump in on the fun but... Read more »

How to host a fabulous book club for The Heart is a Lonely Hunter

I love to read all kinds of books. This year I have read 2 graphic novels, some popular fiction, quilt books and 3 classic novels. This last one was quite a complex novel with many different layers of meaning. I couldn’t wait to discuss it. Six people were supposed to be attending so I got... Read more »