Make blocks for 4 table runners and 2 small quilts with one layer cake tutorial

In the summer I saw a trunk show with Jenny Doan and she took pre cuts and sewed them together and cut them apart to make all kinds of cool stuff. I was quite enthused and thought I can do this! At her store I picked up a Halloween layer cake. I realize I only got my table runner done right before Halloween but you can use this technique for any layer cake. Follow the steps to make blocks for 4 table runners and 2 small quilts with one layer cake.

Table runner re 1

I had the Halloween layer cake over there on the left. I also collected several Halloween fabrics plus a white jelly roll. The layer cake had 42 squares in it.

First I cut most of the square into three slices. The first one was 2.5 inches, then 3″ and finally 4.5″. But you could cut yours into any three different sizesTable runner re 2 you liked. (Update: I have corrected 2nd strip size. Sorry about that!)

I decided that I would organize the strips into black, orange and light. I had more squares of black than the other two colors so I didn’t cut all of them up. And I cut one orange one incorrectly. Yikes!

I did not cut 10 of them. If you cut them all up, you would end up with 42 blocks, I had 32.

Table runner re 4

I put the bigger slices to the side and sewed the first two together. If I had a light first one, I would make the second black or orange.

I then divided them into piles. Those with a first strip that was light, then orange and finally black.Table runner re 5

I sewed each two strip piece to a larger strip. I watched to make sure that all three fabrics were different. I tried to get a good variety.

I pressed them all and cut them across the middle. Many of my fabrics were directional so I made sure I had them carefully stacked.

Table runner re 6

I sewed a bottom to each top. I made sure to not have a black on the top and in the same place on the bottom. I watched pretty carefully to get the variety I wanted.

Then I had to decide which fabrics to use for borders. I auditioned them all. I chose the green and cut 2 inch strips. I cut 12 of them to do all 4 table runners.

I took 3 white strips from the jelly roll. I cut them in half lengthwise. This gave me a 1.25 strip. Table runner re 8I also cut 2 inch strips of the black.

I sewed green strips around each block and sewed four together to make a long strip. I followed that Table runner re 9with a skinny white strip along both ends and both sides. I finished it off with black strips on the ends and sides.

I chose the back fabric and cut a strip to match the table runner. Yours might have less or more borders or larger ones.

I ironed on batting on the back of the backing fabric. As I am making four of them, Table runner re 10it really made things go faster.

I pinned the front to the back and stitched it all around. I left a gap and pulled it inside out from Table runner re 11there. I pressed it and sewed all around the edge. I used my walking foot as the top shifted more than the batting stiffened backing.

I then did some very basic stitching in the ditch all around the borders and around each block. It kept it all together very nicely.

I put mine out immediately and loved it. Table runner re 12

I just don’t know if I want to put it on my kitchen table. I liked it there. But I also tried it on my island and I liked it there also.

Table runner re 13

I decided to leave it on the island and use a runner from a previous year on the kitchen table. And no, I am not keeping the other 3 table runners.

I am going to give them to the other units in my condo building for Christmas presents. I KNOW that will be after Halloween but I have given them so many items for the winter and spring. I have to move onto the fall.

I hope to make them all a fall/Thanksgiving one as well. I have plenty of time, yes? And I want to make two little Halloween quilts for my grandchildren.

Now I just have to see if all of this will get made by Christmas of this year, or next. Or there are plenty of other chances to give them to my friends and loved ones.

If theirs are late, don’t tell them I already have mine!

Sew happy!

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