Kim Jong Un of North Korea compared to Quilters

Sometimes I just need to write a goofy post with maybe a serious message at the end. You’re in luck, this is one of those times. I happen to think Quilters are some of the absolute best people in the world and I was musing about who would be their polar opposite. It just popped in my head to examine Kim Jong Un of North Korea compared to Quilters. Sometimes, quilters don’t get the respect and admiration they deserve, this ought to seal the deal.


Comparing and contrasting the two 

Looks – Q wins

Quilts are gorgeous in a variety of ways. They add beauty no matter where they are.

Kim? Pretty darn ugly.

Friends – Q wins again

Quilters have all kinds of friends, everywhere they go.

As for the North Korean leader, he has Dennis Rodman. That’s according to this site.

Salient Qualities – yet another win for Q

Quilters are humanitarians who make quilts for charity, friends and family. They are peaceful.

Kim is is a bloodthirsty madman and buffoon.

Weapons – you guessed it, Q is the winnerkim-jong-un-wave1

Quilters have rotary cutters, scissors and needles.

Jong Un has nuclear weapons, armed guards, an army and every weapon money can buy.

How they gained their position – Q has this hands down

Quilters learned it from long hours of practice.

Kim Jong Un’s father and grandfather were dictators of N. Korea, he inherited it.

2453843-05-09-14_kim-jong-un-cries_originalScissor skills – Q wins, no doubt about it

Quilters cut thousands of pieces of fabric each year.

Please note his hair.

Relationships with family – Q all the way

Quilters sew heirlooms for their loved ones plus costumes, pillows and dog beds.

Kim Jong had his uncle killed. 

Quilters win, they are superior in every way, shape and form to this human rights abuser.

Why am I comparing the two?

That’s a good question. This light hearted comparison is meant to diminish his power in some small way. to establish that this despot is unequal to art, to tradition, to love and to quilting.korean patchwork

Also, I feel art is very often a bridge between cultures that might seem to have none. If you look at this gorgeous South Korean quilt, you know that there must be quilting that occurs in North Korea but like so many other activities of this country, we know little about it.

I want to learn more about South Korean quilting and want to start with this article and move on from there. I can hope that somehow some little crack might one day open up if enough people of other cultures learned about Korean Patchwork. Wouldn’t this ego maniac want to show the world his country’s prowess and let in a few quilters?

I don’t know but it sure is worth learning about anyway. My youngest daughter was born in South Korea and has been to the DMZ between the two Koreas.

I love learning new things and seeing what form quilting takes in the world. And being able at the same time to poke fun at a maniacal dictator?

That adds to my enjoyment.

Here’s a video on Korean quilting that you might enjoy, with or without Kim Jong’s approval.

Sew happy!

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