I want to be best friends with Jenny Doan

Tonight is our monthly blogapalooza when we have 60 minutes to write a post about a topic we are given. Tonight’s topic is the following:

“Write a letter to a celebrity (rock star, politician, athlete, movie star, etc.) convincing them you should become best friends”

This is easy for me. I am not a big celebrity worshiper in the traditional sense but I love my quilting idols. They are my sewlebrities. I want to be best friends with Jenny Doan of the Missouri Star Quilting Company.

Dear Jenny,

I don’t know if you remember me but I met you last June in Kansas City at your trunk show. I also visited your fabulous quilt stores in Hannibal and had a blast. I’m not sure how you are going to react to this but I think we should become best friends.jd re 0

Too much? Too soon? Too stalkerish? How about if we just start by going out to lunch?

I really think we would hit it off. We have quite a bit in common. Like what you say? Well, let’s examine them.

We are both wives, mothers and grandmothers. You used to sew costumes for theatres, I was a Thespian in High School and go to plays frequently now. We are both tall and love to smile.

We both love to sew and quilt. You demonstrate your quilting techniques on YouTube to millions of viewers. I write a quilting blog that reaches around a thousand readers a day. But really do numbers matter? (I know they do but work with me here.)

We have had some ups and downs in life, money wasn’t always easy. You redid a town and provided employment for all your family. I redid my life and made everyone happy.

Theoretically, you work for your children, yes? Well son of a gun, I work for my daughter, sortof. I watch her children while she teaches.

I think we could have fun. You could do your videos and I could be your assistant, like Burns and Allen. I could feed you lines that you could knock out of the park.

I could help you sew quilts because I am a fan, like you, of quilts that are finished sooner rather than later. I could teach you Spanish; think about those foreign markets!

We could also trade clothes, I love all the tunic type tops you wear. And guess what? I wear tunic type tops also. It’s destiny!

I also could look after things on Sunday, answer the phone, send out a few emails or just sweep up. I could write the company newsletter when we are not exchanging amusing texts.

We could do lunch, talk about fabrics and our grandchildren. I’m a bit older than you and retired, I could show you the ropes. We could go out for pie and laugh,

I promise I will never compete with you, just writing my blog is fine with me. I would be honest always and here’s the deal breaker. I would share my chocolate with you. For real.

Think about it and give me a call. Email. Text. Facebook message. Tweet. Letter. ESP message. Pass me a note in study hall. Whatever works for you!

Or maybe you already have a best friend. It’s OK, I am willing to be second, third, one hundred and eleventh, numbers don’t matter, right?


Your new friend, Kathy

Just thinking about having a new quilt buddy makes me Sew happy!

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I wrote a post about Jenny Doan over the summer. Just to show you that this is not an impulsive decision, go ahead and read it.

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