How to host a fabulous book club for The Heart is a Lonely Hunter

I love to read all kinds of books. This year I have read 2 graphic novels, some popular fiction, quilt books and 3 classic novels. This last one was quite a complex novel with many different layers of meaning. I couldn’t wait to discuss it. Six people were supposed to be attending so I got enough food for twice that. Two people fell ill the night before so four hard core readers were there. You know what that means, don’t you? All kinds of divine leftovers.

Book Club re 1In this post I am going to show you what I did for our meeting. In case you want to, you will know how to host a fabulous book club for the Heart is a Lonely Hunter. Because book clubs are fun and delicious.

We choose our books for a couple of years and have them listed on our facebook page. We have four months to read each book. This was our sixteenth book, yes, we rock.

For the four months ahead of time I post book memes on the book club page. I do not make them up, I find them on Pinterest. I make a meme up for my quilting page every day, I am content to spotlight other people’s clever work.Book Club re 3

The month before I post more often with reminders and I read the book myself. I also send out the invites for the Grand Finale one month ahead of time and pick food based on the book.

I also like to plan how I am going to set the table. This time I used a table runner I made last year and did a fall theme.

A cozy table for four. I put all the food on the table as I have a big table and there was no need to have a buffet set up with just four readers.

Book Club re 4I ordered all the food from different places. I got the flowers from Peapod and I was very happy with the quality. I don’t always buy fresh flowers but I love to whenever I have people over.

In the book, Mick has a “Prom party” which was a promenade club re 8 They were poor so they served punch, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and cookies. Did someone say cookies?

Another character, Mr. Singer, drank lots of coffee, had soup twice a day and had cheese in his room. One of my reading buddies brought a cheese plate! YUM.

I ordered mushroom soup from Caffe Milan, right up the road. It was fantastic. I also ordered extra peanut butter and a whole bunch of different jams from Peapod.

I wanted to have really good bread so I ordered Challah bread from our local Marianos. And the cookies, my favorite, was from Fleckensteins Bakery. One computer grocery order and four phone calls and I was done cooking.

Or they were done cooking!

Book Club re 6

We made sandwiches, drank coffee, water and tea and discussed the book. We enjoyed our soup and figured out some of the themes. And we had to eat cookies, they were in the book. Book Club re 2

I got the poem which was the source of the poem and asked some questions. There are lots of different sites with questions but we used these.  Plus we were so taken with the complexity of the novel, we had open discussions as we ate.

If the table runner looks familiar, it’s because I published a tutorial on it last year. You can read it here.

Good friends, great eats, challenging books and a chance to sew new table items. It’s just the fun of book club.

Plus cookies!

Sew happy!

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