DIY Walking Dead Apron for Halloween fun

My husband is a huge Walking Dead fan and I disclosed that I got some terrific fabric in this post. There were so many fun things Cliff wanted me to make but we settled on an Apron that he can use when he passes out Halloween candy. The rest of the year, he can grill in it. We had fa great time planning it and even tried to find blood splatter fabric. Alas, it is no longer available.

Walking Dead re 1

I decided that the fabric was pretty scary all on its own! Cliff could not wait for his Walking Dead apron to make everyone in the neighborhood jealous. (Or maybe just his brother, one of the two!)Walking Dead re 2

I have an apron pattern that I have had for about 40 years. When I use it to make aprons for Cliff, I add fabric along the center seam and cut it longer. When I make them for my 4’11” daughter, I do the opposite.

Any apron pattern will do, it’s the fabric that makes the project. Have you noticed some scary effects in the photos? Oh no, is my blog haunted? No!  As a matter of fact, I was having fun with the spooky features on PicMonkey!

Walking Dead re 3

I cut out 3 strips of 4.5″ for the neck strap and ties. Cliff is 6’6″ so I make his straps about 26 inches long. You should try and see what works best for you, I have 22″ usually.

I sewed them into tubes, right sides together. On two of the tubes, I closed one end. Then I turned them inside out. (I have a super clever tool, read about it here.)

After I turned them inside out, I pressed them open. Then I pinned them on the neck and sides of one of the apron pieces. Walking Dead re 4

I sew them in place and make sure I am careful when I pin the other piece on top.

Walking Dead re 5

If you are not careful, you can get straps that move around and get sewn into a seam. I may or may not have done this in my lifetime. Maybe. Or, fine more than twice!

I sewed the two pieces right sides together. Make sure you leave a gap at the bottom so you can turn the apron inside out.Walking Dead re 6

Once I have the apron inside out, I press it and make sure all the corners are pushed out and are nice and crisp. Then I machine stitch the gap together, or you can hand sew it together. I choose a stitch that I like with the fabric. This seemed a little spooky!

Walking Dead re 7

Do you think Cliff will scare the kids when he opens the door?

Ha! I am just messing with you. I told you I was playing with the photo editing and this is all from the Zombie section. It’s not that Cliff would mind being Zombied for the holiday, it’s just that it’s only a picture effect. Darn it all!Walking Dead re 8

Here’s the real guy, no Zombie editing. Doesn’t his apron look cool? He loves it.

He also has a normal grey side that he will probably never, ever use. What’s the point of having a Zombie apron if you hide the Zombies?

He has to represent all the Walking Dead fans in our house. (That would be one.)

Walking Dead re 9

Here’s the B side of the apron. It will always been clean. But if the Walking Dead side gets dirty, I think it will just add to its charm.

Oops, sorry, Zombies are never charming!

Sew happy!

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