DIY How to make a metal pan Handle Cover tutorial

My husband has slowly started cooking more now that he is mainly retired. As you can imagine, I am thrilled beyond belief with this new development and encourage it whenever possible. When he wanted a Wok, I made sure he got one for his Father’s Day present. He has been experimenting mainly with grilling recipes but now that it’s chilling off, he’s been gazing at his brand new Wok. The only problem with this shiny pan is that it has a metal handle which creates a potential burn or constant need for a hotpad.

This is a problem I can solve, I decided to make a metal pan handle cover that would stay on all the time. I was more than willing to do this lest my hubby lose interest in the culinary arts. We need at least one Chef in the house. I invite you to learn how to make a metal pan handle cover with me.

Pan holder re 1Materials:

  • Scraps of cotton batting and Insul-Bright batting
  • fat quarter of fabric
  • Extra wide bias tape
  • paper, pencil
  • scissors, thread

I was lucky enough to have been gifted two yards of Cubs fabric from The Fabric Society and I knew my husband would love anything Cubs. (Even if they are currently testing his patience once again.)Pan holder re 2

First thing I did was to lay the pan upside down on the paper and trace the handle. I added space for the depth of the handle and seam allowances. I tried tracing it right side up but I couldn’t get a good copy.

Pan holder re 3

Cut out one paper pattern

4 fabric pieces

2 batting pieces

2 Insul-Bright pieces

Layer them as shown with the fabric being the “bread” of this sandwich. Have the shiny side of the Insul-Bright towards the handle. Pan holder re 4

The next part of the project is easy sewing! You merely zig zap the sandwiches together, all four layers. They are not inside out, the right sides of the top Pan holder re 5and bottom fabric show.

I then sewed the bias tape on the top of both pieces, encasing them. If you want, you can do that with the entire handle.

The extra wide worked really well as this is a pudgy little guy at this point. I bought this bias tape at least 20 years ago and just opened the package. See, you just never know, a stash is a beautiful thing. Pan holder re 6

I then sewed the two pieces together, right sides inside and together. Then I turned it inside out Pan holder re 8which was a herculean task. I used my surgical clamps to get the bottom started. Then I pushed on it with a dowel rod. Phew!

There is the wonderful finished product on the Wok. It looks great, yes? I fussy cut the outside pieces and it worked out perfectly. You can tell my Cubs fan main man is happy.

I made him that Cubs apron from fabric which cost a fortune on Ebay. I am so glad that NBL has reissued fabric. Buy it now, it will run out.

I have no doubt that 4 layers on each side will protect Cliff’s hand when he is cooking. It worked Pan holder re 7great in this staged simulation!

Now I have lots of Cubs fabric to play with and entice my better half to unleash his Iron Chef fantasies. What should I make him next?

I want him to be able to take the heat and stay in the kitchen.

Sew happy!

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