DIY How to Create your own Barn Quilt tutorial

I love Barn Quilts, just love them. I have photographed them, read about them and bought books to create quilts that look like them. You can imagine my delight when a Facebook friend of mine announced that she was creating her very own barn quilt. Her photographs chronicled her steps and shared the fabulous final results with us. I was so taken that I asked if I could make them into a Blog post and Alana graciously agreed.

As a result of her talent and generosity I am here to show you how to create your own barn quilt by following her example. You will love it.

I asked Alana what motivated her to make a Barn Quilt and she said it was just an idea that grew slowly. She is a quilt admirer and noted the growing popularity of barn quilts and realized she could make that kind of quilt. She mentioned it to her husband who brought home the board, a week and about  $50.00 later, beauty!

Steps / Materials11884043_10206223762730868_7514543605733463545_o

Step One – Purchase a4’ x 4’ piece of sign board, an exterior grade plywood with one side that is very smoothly finished.

Step Two – Research quilt blocks and choose one to reproduce. Alana googled images until she found one she liked.

11947860_10206223762650866_341373738990857187_oStep Three – Prime and paint the background color and let that dry completely.

Step Four – Mark the first color with tape.

Step Five – Paint first color.

Step Six – Let it dry completely and mark next color.11885027_10206229678718764_9066769798970944419_o

Step Seven – Paint second color. By this point it is really looking exciting, don’t you think?  I know I was really intrigued watching it progress on Facebook.

Step Eight – Let it dry completely.


Step Nine – Paint the final color, if there is one.

Step Ten – Let dry completely.

Step Eleven – Add a clear coat to protect

Final Step – Again, let it dry completely. I think one of the keys to Alana’s success was that she let each stage dry. It makes the project take longer but it sure paid off.

Now comes the pay off – you get to hang yours. Alana’s husband was in charge of this and he used a step ladder plus 11885731_10206244126119940_578927140606789877_oa good drill and screw driver. When it was first up, Alana posted a picture even though it was nearly night outside.

I can understand completely! When I finish a quilt, I have to take pictures and run around excitedly as well.

The next day, she posted another picture. I was so impressed that I asked her if I could share this process with all of you.

11884705_10206246650903058_562534239415501733_o (1)Besides the steps, I also got some information I had been wondering about from Alana. I asked if she had received much reaction and she replied that not too many people had had a chance to see it as they lived just outside of their town. Her children like it and she and her husband love it.

I do think that with barn quilts, you don’t get the compliments to your face. I have driven by them and photographed them without every telling the maker how beautiful it is.

This project was completed about 6 weeks ago so I had to know, does she still like it? Her answer is below.

“LOVE it!  Makes me smile every time I see it.  :)”

I think Alana has the same reaction of love that most of us have when we finish a quilt, we enjoy it every time we see it.

Only this quilt didn’t need a fabric stash!

Sew happy

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