DIY Comfortable Toddler Pumpkin costume tutorial

Around Halloween, I am happy I sew. I liked making costumes for my own children and now I have grandchildren I can dress up. I am not a fan of a huge elaborate costume, I want something that is comfortable for the child to wear. I want them to be able to move, see and have fun. I sew part of it and then I buy pieces to complete it that they can wear as regular clothes.

Pumpkin re 0I think the super puffy pumpkin costumes are really good looking for hard for the child to wear. I set out to make a comfortable toddler pumpkin costume and I love the final result.

What materials did I need? First thing I did was find an orange cotton knit fabric on Etsy. I got 2 yards of it in case I needed to make a matching one for the little guy. I used fusible batting on two of the circles. pumpkin re 1Other than that, scraps of black fabric and scraps of strap fabric.

I had a very old pattern for making a costume for an M & M candy. But you could use any circle. Cut out four of them.

I free hand cut black triangles for the face. I had fabric glue from the nice folks at Wawak sewing supplies sent me. I figured that this way Zara could participate in creating part of the costume.

Boy was I right. She absolutely ADORED the glue and had a ball placing the triangles on the pumpkin re 2orange knit.

When she discovered that the glue would form strings when the bottle was taken off the fabric, I thought she would pass out from laughing. Then I started laughing. This was the most fun I have ever had making a costume.

My husband even made a video of us laughing like crazy fools and I keep playing it Pumpkin re 6and laughing like a crazy fool. Isn’t sewing the best hobby?

After the glue dried, I used the blanket stitch to make sure the triangles stayed down. I also made another Jack o Lantern face on another round orange piece.

That way, she can be a pumpkin from the front and the back. And I guess I had a lot of fun doing Pumpkin re 5her side but hey, I wanted to do one also.

I cut out two circles from fusible batting and ironed them onto the wrong side of each of the Jack o Lantern faces. Pumpkin re 10

I made two straps for the top and the sides. I cut orange strips 3.5″ by 10″ for the top and 3.5″ by 8″ for the sides. I sewed them right sides together and turned them inside out and pinned them onto the right side of one face circle.

I placed a plain circle on top of each face and stitched all the way around. I made sure the straps stayed inside. I left a gap so I could turn each piece inside out.

After I finished sewing, turned them inside out and pressed them, I decided I wanted to do some Pumpkin re 11stitching to close the gap and keep the edges a bit firmer.

I also attached the free end of the straps onto the other round circle. I couldn’t figure out a way to embed both ends unless I made 8 straps and had button and button holes. I decided this was easier. (Way easier in fact!)Pumpkin re 12

I was pretty happy at this point. The color was great, the sewing was easy and the iron on batting gave just the body I had wanted. This was the comfortable pumpkin costume I had envisioned.

I had ordered a black hoodie, black leggings, orange polka dot shoes, 2 pairs of Halloween socks and an orange bow. She already had a black shirt so she will be set for any weather.

Pumpkin re 13

I put it all on a table in the living room and loved it! Zara has only tried on the actual pumpkinPumpkin re 15 and she was thrilled. She wore it over her pajamas and ran around happily.

She has two side to choose from. I could not love the one she designed more especially when I remember the grand time we had with the glue. Bonus: if she stains the one side, just turn it around to the other.

Hey, maybe I need clothes like that!

Sew happy!

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