DIY Alter a man's Cubs shirt to fit a Woman

My husband bought me a fabulous Blackhawks shirt a couple of years ago and it has become the standard by which I judge all other t-shirts. It is cut for a woman, not a girl, a full sized woman and I love it. He keeps trying to find me other shirts that I will adore as much. He got me another Blackhawks shirt that was way too small even though it was the same size and manufacturer. Recently he ordered me a Cubs shirt, same size and manufacturer and it was way too big.

Cubs shirt re 1I didn’t want to wear a jersey so I threw it on for the Wild Card game and they won. Obviously I have to wear the shirt again as it is now a lucky shirt. So I decided to alter a man’s Cubs shirt to fit a woman.

I spread out the Cubs shirt which even had the size tag cut out of it. Grrr. They knew they were sending me the wrong shirt. I put my prized Hawks shirt Cubs shirt re 2on top of it.

It should be easy enough to change, right? I took a marker and drew a line allowing for seams all along the side seams of the shirt.

Then I pressed it and folded it in half. I wanted the sides to match even if I cut it wrong.

Cubs shirt re 4

I pinned it together and cut along the line. I used the new pins I had gotten from the kind folks at Wawak Sewing Supplies and wrote about before. I have to say, I really liked them for their visibility and glide.

Next I tackled the sleeves. This is where I made a choice that I would do over. I matched the cutting by the shoulder seam. ICubs shirt re 5 should have used the hem of the sleeve.

I didn’t think of it at the time. The width of the sleeve was fine, it was just too long in the bottom seam. I had to redo the hem and I am not happy with it.

I am going to fish those hems out of the garbage and sew them in the sleeves as a false hem. But not tonight as it’s after midnight.

Yes, it is important to me to have this shirt to wear while I watch Friday nights game. And yes, I do think my shirt is super important. I am sure you agree with me!

Cubs shirt re 7

I then set in the sleeve but didn’t sew the seam, the original shirt had that sewn with the side seam. I wanted to do mine the same way.

Cubs shirt re 8I finished up by sewing up the side seam. Those sides matched like a dream. I was pleased.

And even though it is really late, I had to try it on. And yes, my Cubs fan husband took my picture at this late hour. Why? IT’S FOR THE CUBS!

Here I am tired but ready to cheer my team on. And dying to fix up another shirt only this time, do the sleeve cutting at the top and keep those hems intact.

Cubs shirt re 9

Who knows, maybe those goofy sleeve seams will be lucky!

That would make me Sew happy!

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