A visit to New York City with friends is an experience you should have

A long long time ago in a galaxy far far away I attended college. Yes, I was young once. Don’t look so skeptical. I was and I had a core group of friends from my sorority. Over the years we have had some reunions but the best ones are those to NYC. In fact, a visit to New York City with friends is an experience you should have.

New York City has activities you can do together as well as fun you can have on your own. There are plenty of great hotels and restaurants and, oh yes, you will need to bring a pile o money. But it’s worth it.

You can Facebook and text your friends all you want, but your molecules need to be in the same room every once in a while. If you are all together, you will be able to really talk, remember why you love these amigas and share experiences together again.

Three of us just did this and loved it. I wrote before I went and now I want to let you know how much pleasure I had. I’ll start with my solo experiences and some quilts and hopefully you will have a glimpse into what a peak experience it was.

I want to show you the highlights of what we did apart and together. I will try to explain why it was so meaningful. But I won’t show you my food pictures. Ha!

Know that we ate well and often. We had Cuban food, French food, Italian food, Mediterranean food and two brunches, one decadent and sumptuous. Come along with me on my trip but just imagine how the food looked and tasted.

Sew happy!

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