8 Short Sewing Horror Stories for Halloween season

I am always wasting time on all kinds of sewing websites searching out what’s new in the sewing world. I was tickled when I spied a new meme on the McCalls sewing blog. This meme was entitled “Shortest Horror Story Ever” and was pretty darn funny. I decided to jump in on the fun but as I was going to be making multiple ones, they couldn’t all be the shortest ever, now could they?

I decided to make two sentence horror stories a la Reddit challenge. Here are my 8 short sewing horror stories for your Halloween season. Don’t be too scared, I made them all up!

sshs re 1

Whoa, that would be scary.

sshs re 3

All the decades, they just blend together.

sshs re 6

This actually happened to me. I finished a double quilt for my daughter, fine, it was a couple of years late. Then she bought a huge new bed. Sigh.

sshr re 7

Grrr, roughly based on my own life.

sshs re 2

Pesky kids insist on growing up, don’t they?

sshs re 4

I used to make these for every place I lived. I would leave them behind as they matched that kitchen.

sshs re 5

These would be perfect for a costume party but darn it all, too small!

sshs re 8This is too scary! Time to end this post!

I hope you weren’t too freaked out with my first Horror story post. I am not really afraid of these actually happening. Well, except for the last one.

But I figure I could fray apart fabrics and create thread.

Quilter ingenuity makes me Sew happy!

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