4 Best Quilting Sewing Articles I've read lately

I love making quilts and I love reading about them. I think quilters are the best people on earth and adore learning new things that they do. This past week I have read some fabulous pieces that I just had to share them with you.  I hope you enjoy the best quilting sewing articles I’ve seen recently.

1. Quilts and science. I think quilters who can combine quilts with other areas of study are super clever.iridium These articles draw me in because of the quilts and I end up learning about the related subject as well. No article did it better than this one, Quirky Quilts Inspired by the Periodic Table. I urge you to click on the link to see the 40 quilts each of which interprets a different element. I sure hope this show travels and I get to see it soon.

As a way to whet your appetite, I have included one of the quilts. This one interprets Iridium. How intriguing!

2. I enjoy seeing quilters get love, respect and awards. There are many great ways this happens for deserving quilt designers. One of these ways is to win Aurifil’s designer of the month. (I have only read about this, no personal experience here!) This month’s winner has a wonderful article written about her here.  I think you’ll enjoy even the photos of the thread!

question3citysamplerquiltThe talented Amy Lawson not only knows how and where to photograph a quilt, she designs gorgeous ones. It made for a great read and the photographs are fantastic.

Enjoy quilts like this one. And yes, I will steal this idea and take a picture of one of my quilts at a playground. Wait, did I say steal? I meant pay homage to Amy by borrowing one of her photography site ideas.

3. Another winning combination I’ve seen lately is from the eat and drink section of a publication. Those of you who have read this blog regularly know that I am a fan of eating. This article tells about the link between quilting and food, specifically food depicted in quilts. Eula Lang obviously know her food and her quilts. FOOD QUILTS 20150819 SLK 00 (9)

I adore this block. In fact all of them which make up this adorable quilt. I want to make one, I really do.

I am thinking I could use my favorite foods instead of Grandmother’s. One of my grandmothers died young and the other didn’t cook much.

I love cake or anything really, when it is displayed on a pedestal. Could I do my quilt that way? Would pizza really look good in a quilt?

Maybe I just need to have a week snack and think about it?

4. I just have to let you know about one more post that I found this week but was actually published in July. It’s very clever and comes from a very fun blog which recycles jeans, among other items, into nifty projects.


Don’t you just love it? Me too!

I have been saying for years that I should do things with old jeans. Then I look at the thickness of the fabric and decide not to.

Plus people are always telling me to do something with them and I guess I bristle a bit. At any rate, this is the first project that has really appealed to me.

Not only is the site fun and visually appealing, there is a whole tutorial on how to make this organizer. Clever sewist and generous to boot. Plus the name, Pillar Box Blue, is just amusing to say.

Check it out here. I think you will like it. I don’t know where I would hang it but I sure do like it.

Now I just need to go to Goodwill and buy all my donated jeans back.

Sew happy!

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