12 things never to say to a Quilter

Nobody wants to say the wrong thing, right? But to the unaware, there are ways of asking questions or making remarks that just get on a quilter’s nerves. I am sorry, they just do. I have made many a meme about that very subject.  How about if I create a list of 12 things never to say to a quilter? Then you can avoid them and life will be happy for all of us!

1. NEVER call a quilt anything but a quilt.  They are quilts. They are never blankets. Never.


2. Can you sew on these buttons for me? Do not ask a quilter to do all your mending for you unless she owes you big time. Nope, not even then.


3. Will you iron for me? No, I won’t do that either.


4. Are you still working on that quilt? Yes, I am and will be for a while. Thanks.

a rocky quote

5. How much fabric do you have, do you need all that fabric? I have a lot, thanks for asking. I just like it.


6. Why did you make that quilt? Can’t you just get one on Etsy? No, you can’t get one of MY original quilts on Etsy.

made a quiltyes

7. You’re sewing again today? Yes, I hope to sew more, I like to sew every.single.day.


8. Can you make me a quilt, I’ll pay for the fabric, say $35.00? No, I am not in the order taking business. This is my passion, my art and I spend crazy amounts of money on them and give them to people I love.


9. Isn’t one kind of quilter better than the other? No, they are all wonderful. Modern, traditional or both, they rock.

1 modern or traditional

10. Unless you hand quilt, it’s not really a quilt. Wrong! There is NO ONE way to piece or quilt. There are many wonderful ways.


11. Quilting is really old fashioned, like for my Grandma. Quilting is an art form which has been along for a long time. And if your Grandma quilts, she is really hip.


12. Who even knew there were still quilters? Everyone that matters, they know.

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13. And the last one is something you SHOULD say to a quilter.

How can I help you so you can get more quilting done?


Now that was fun and I got to reuse some memes and ecards I made way back in 2013.

And they are all still true today!

Sew happy!

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