10 Things Likeable Quilters do

I have seen posts like this for office workers, friends and now there is one for Quilters. I love my quilty peeps, but there are some that I love more than others. It could be that we just click on some molecular level or it could just be that there are things likeable quilters do that not everyone else does.

After observing at quilt shows, meetings, conferences and guilds I have noticed habits of quilters that everyone seems to like. I am not necessarily talking about the quilters with the most ribbons or biggest prizes but the people you want to work with or sit next to. I’ve got 10 attributes I think they share, let me know if I miss anything important.

1. They GIVE compliments – It’s seductive to self promote, it’s a self promoting world. But seriously, do you really listen to someone talking and talking about themselves? I tend to tune out, scroll by or hide that feed. When someone is giving compliments to other people, those seem much more sincere to me. It makes me want to do the same and if that chain continues, the original self promoter turned praise giver might reap what she has sown. Or should that be sewn?!likeable

2. They are generous – Need some thread? Advice? A bit of fabric? These friendly sewists will give you that plus their time and love.

3. They are positive and genuine – Everyone is in a bad mood once in a while but these artists focus on what is fun, good and uplifting in their lives. Few of their blogs, posts or tweets list an ailment or complaint. They are down to earth, not name droppers or pretending to be quilter royalty. They are fun to be around.

4. They demonstrate creativity and flexibility – These quilters have a little twist they bring to their quilts. They can deal with life’s problems and roll with the punches. New date or time for a guild meeting, they can work it out. I think the creativity in their artistic endeavors leads to a fresh way of adapting to the roller coaster of life as well.

5. They give credit and are secure – Design or pattern from someone else, they let you know. Messed up a corner or a block, they shrug it off. They like to shine the light on others who helped them along the way and aren’t threatened when someone else is successful.smile

6. They Welcome others outside their comfort zone – Every group of quilters has cliques, every show has A listers and every shop has its regulars. These quilters are happy to meet new members, invite others to the party and talk to an unfamiliar face. They must remember when they were the new person who didn’t know anyone. Everyone likes to be included and welcomed.

7. They are humble and noncompetitive – Your work may be fabulous, but maybe wait until someone else mentions it. Don’t try to always have the best,the most, the priciest and the most awards. Let others have the limelight, recognize their talent. Give it your best in a competition and then be gracious. And let everyone have a turn with the conversational ball.

8. They are helpful and kind to all – These participants don’t roll their eyes at another behind their back. They don’t make snide remarks under their breath or ask thinly veiled insults poorly disguised as a question. You don’t have to be best buds with everyone but no one should be put down in public. If you don’t like a quilt, wait until you get home and tell your family about it.

9. They smile and are happy – If you smile at quilters they will smile back. If you love your work, your life and that of others, that positivity will spread. You don’t have to be a fake Pollyanna but emphasize the happiness in life, we are generally very blessed. And a smile, it beats a frown!Thumbs Up Like Button

10. They have good manners, hygiene and know their audience  – Some quilters like to drink and swear, others do not. Know your audience. Some quilters like to gossip, talk about religion or politics. Others do not. Keep it appropriate for the group in which you are. Please, thank you, excuse me and you’re welcome make all social situations easier and quilting is no exception.

I don’t know if any quilter is all of these things but hey, it’s nice to try. I’m not looking to win Ms. Congeniality, I just want to be welcomed.

And I promise you, I do have good hygiene.

Sew happy!

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