Phony Quilt Ads

You know I have an over active imagination, yes? Good, we have that out of the way. My imagination was recently in overdrive while reading quilt magazines. These magazines contain ads, natch.

All these ads are so truthful and believable. Why not some phony quilt ads that are neither truthful nor believable? I guess if the magazines won’t do it, it is up to me.

Here are some phony quilt ads that you won’t see anywhere else!

ad 6 re

I don’t even have a cat and I like this idea.

ad 14 re

Really? No, but it would be nice. Oh well, quilting is enough for me.

ad 16 re

Actually this ad is pretty true in my life.

ad 12 re

I never had a water bed but if you still do, you need a quilt in your life. And a new bed.

ad 10 re

I hate tangled threads and love famous paintings.

ad 9 re

I would probably join this, for real.

ad 4 re

I love the look of the old machines but the smooth sewing and cool stitches of my modern Bernina.

Making up phony quilt ads? That makes me Sew happy!

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