Peacock Heart Quilt is Finished

Oh happy day, the Peacock Heart quilt is finished. I stayed up late one night and did the last of the quilting, made the binding and sewed it all on. It was great to finish the top, but even better to have the entire quilt ready to give to Henry.

peah re 1

When I finished the top, I still had to make the back. The top was wider than a single piece of fabric so I slit it down the middle and added a strip of Peacock feather eyes. This went well with the peacock fabric.peah re 2

The next step is getting the quilt on the Longarm. This is the heavy lifting “heavy machine operating” part of the process. The most unwieldy is lugging around the bolt of batting, phew!

When I finally have the quilt all smooth, lined up and ready for quilting, it is a great feeling of satisfaction. Also a great sensation of relief! I decided to use a deep turquoise blue for quilting.

I stitched in the ditch around both borders, this kept the quilt nicely in line. After that, I quilted a big heart in the middle of each fabric heart. In between the hearts I did more little hearts.

peah re 4All of this quilting was free motion. You can see it better here when I was all done.peah re 5 I put the continuous binding on completely by machine.

I was finishing the quilt after midnight this weekend and more than a bit tired. When I got all done with both sides, I noticed some places on the back where it hadn’t caught the edge of the binding. I didn’t go back and pick it out, I just sewed it down as close to the stitch line as I could on the back. Henry won’t mind.

Here is the peacock heart quilt all finished! I am very happy with it. peah re 6It was not supposed to be a literal peacock quilt.

But I felt putting the peacock fabric in there explained the color scheme. I have various shades of blue, green, gold and orange like the tail of the peacock. I like the pops of orange.

I also like the way the back turned out. The deep blue from the front I repeated in the binding. It goes well with the back as well.

I gave it to my daughter yesterday. She loved it. Henry fell asleep. He’s pretty cosmopolitan.

I also photographed it outside on our front balcony.peah re 7 Zara came with me and she was cool with it not being her quilt. But she did manage to sneak her hand in the picture.

Can you see it?

It’s a great feeling to finish a quilt. Even better feeling is to have a cute new grandson who will enjoy it. I won’t know for sure if he likes it for a while.

He’ll show his approval by throwing up on it. Then I’ll know it’s acceptable.

Sew happy!

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