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12 Quilt memes for your pleasure

I love this picture and other people seemed to also.
Quilting and sewing is more than needles and thread, it’s also giggles and laughs. To that end, I publish a meme or e-card every day on my blog page and then share the best with you. You’re very welcome! Here are 12 more quilt memes for your pleasure! Enjoy! Sew happy! Want to see what... Read more »

12 of my Biggest Blog Pet Peeves

I love blogging and bloggers. I read tons of blogs and I love them, after all I am a blogger also. But sometimes, I get a bit annoyed when bloggers don’t do things my way write a certain way. Ever just want to list some things that bug you? I did it! Here are 12... Read more »

Modern Block Challenge Quilt top done

I have been itching to get to this challenge quilt. I wrote about it so long ago that you’ve probably forgotten. You can read about the 10 Blocks if you missed that post. Are you wondering how I got the modern block challenge quilt top done? I knew it and that’s why I wrote this... Read more »

Farmer's Wife 1930's Quilt Along with Marti Michell

As you know, I am a big fan of certain quilters. One of my favorites is up to something super! There is a  Farmer’s Wife 1930’s Quilt with Marti Michell starting September 28th. It seems like a lot of fun and all the blogs and buzz are certainly piquing my interest. I am not one... Read more »

I make lots of Quilt e-cards

My nephew is on his second job and still waiting for his quilt. Gulp! Does it help that the top is done?
Every day I post something fairly amusing on my Facebook page. Well, amusing at least to me when I made it! Sometimes people really like them and share them. Other times, I get a chuckle. In that effort I make lots of Quilt e-cards. Did you miss any of them? Then this is your lucky... Read more »

10 reasons why Facebook is great

I am a big fan of Facebook and not ashamed to say so. It just really fits in my life, in fact it adds to my life. Obviously I am not a young person who has to navigate puberty and social media so my adoration is unique perhaps for my age group. You might like... Read more »

Peacock Heart Quilt is Finished

Oh happy day, the Peacock Heart quilt is finished. I stayed up late one night and did the last of the quilting, made the binding and sewed it all on. It was great to finish the top, but even better to have the entire quilt ready to give to Henry. When I finished the top,... Read more »

Bibs to mark Baby's First 3 Months

I am pretty darn happy that I have a new grandson for whom I can make bibs. (MORE BIBS?) Yes, those of you who have been following this blog for a while know that I did a post for each of Zara’s bibs. You might be groaning now. Fine, how about if I do 3... Read more »

I am a closeted Dachshund lover

Most of the time I write happily about quilts and sewing. I enjoy sharing my projects with you plus talking quilt! But today I saw a clip on the news which made me smile like a crazy fool. I realize you might be thinking, huh? What’s the deal Kathy? I understand and it’s time to... Read more »

Finished my first and last Round Robin

I bet you had forgotten that I was involved in a Round Robin as my last post about it was in February. I finally received another box in July, it was supposed to be to me by January 15. Yikes! We are allotted  2 months for each stage so I took about 6 weeks. Today... Read more »