Modern Block Challenge Quilt top done

I have been itching to get to this challenge quilt. I wrote about it so long ago that you’ve probably forgotten. You can read about the 10 Blocks if you missed that post. Are you wondering how I got the modern block challenge quilt top done? I knew it and that’s why I wrote this post.

challenge quilt re 0This is the idea I originally had for the placement. I have the strips and blocks on top of the background fabric on my design wall. I took them all done over a month ago.

When I put them back up, I played with it a bit. It is surprising, however, how close it is to that design.Challenge quilt re 1 I didn’t even look at the picture.

Once I decided that yep, this was my design I then had to figure out how to create it. Obviously I had to take all the blocks and strips off the back ground fabric.

I did that and put the background fabric on my cutting table. I put the blocks and strips back up on the design wall and measured Challenge quilt re 2spaces in between them.

I started cutting strips of background fabric those dimensions. I started working on the right side and went across.

After I had the strips cut, I started sewing sections together. The five blocks that all touch was the first thing I sewed.

Phew, that worked out. Then I sewed the pink strip to the background strip. I was gaining confidence.

The other five blocks had back ground fabric in-between them. I had cut a 6.5″ strip already. Now I cut it into five  6.5″ blocks.Challenge quilt re 4

I looked at the left side and felt like it needed a little something else. I had picked up all the colors in the blocks with the strips except for the turquoise. Naturally, that was the color strip I cut.

I sewed the yellow strip to the background and then guesstimated what a good distance would be. I sliced off the rest and sewed on the turquoise and added the rest of the background.

Challenge quilt re 5

When I got all the sections sewn together I trimmed. I made sure the top and bottom were even. Then I trimmed the sides to make it a bit more pleasing to my eye.

It all seemed straight and balanced so I put it back on the design wall. I decided to measure it. It was a perfect 42 inch square.

Yep, just like I planned it. Or a really lucky accident.

You decide which!

Sew happy!

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